From May 24 to 26, 2016, Montréal will play host to some of the most fascinating people on the planet, here to share their insights and experiences, and revel in the adventure that is C2. For the first time this year, AccelerateMTL partnered with C2 to bring a group of 50 highly talented startup founders from across Canada and North America to connect with some of the sharpest minds in Technology.

Congratulations to the C2xAccelerateMTL winners:

Philippe Rivard – NUKERN
Parisa Foster – Play the Future
Adrian Schauer – Alayacare
Julie Hubert – Workland
Renaud Boisjoly – Studyo
Vincent-Charles Hodder – Local Logic
Etienne Crevier – BIOGENIQ
Antony Diaz – Uvolt
Benoît Pomerleau – reelyActive
Mathieu Lachaîne – Ubios
Rami Karam – Thirdshelf
Ben Syne – DogSync
Jonathan Brun – Nimonik
Nick Budden – Vectr
Liran Belenzon – Scinapsis Analytics
Mike Blicker – WealthTab
Marwan Benyoussef – Flystro
Pieter Boekhoff Nobal – Technologies
Philip Cutler – GradeSlam
Franck Boulbes – Cellier Domesticus
Rob Saric – Athlete Builder
Catherine Henry – 39th Avenue
Olivier Arcand – WeDo
Mark Hobbs – FundMetric
Rupa Sandhu – Dissolve
Louis Delaoustre – Potloc
Elyes Ben M’rad – Crema App
Ally Monk – MotorLeaf
Frederic Bastien – mnubo
Geoff Wright – Community Sift
Kyle Boulay – Sharethebus
Reza Khadjavi – Shoelace
Ilias Benjelloun – Stay22
Andy Mauro – Automat
Thierry Poitras – Greatify
Jeremy Barnes – Datacratic
Gwen Salley – Articho
Nathalie Lays – Tylio
Mo Mozafarian – relevant
Cian O’Sullivan – Beagle
Vasu Nadella – Macromeasures
Elizabeth Stefanka – Stefanka
Kyle Robertson – Prollster
Behram O’Habib – PinPress
Scott Annan –
Jonathan Defoy – Offline
Karim Traiaia – BloomChat
Sara Ahmadian – Seamless Planet
Derrick Fung – Drop
Michael Moszberg – Praktice Health