Couture in the Spotlight at C2-MTL

Experimental designs by Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint-Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Martin Lim, UNTTLD, Ying Gao, Anastasia Lomonova, Barilà, Duy, Harricana, Nadya Toto and by THOMAS will take centre stage at C2-MTL’s 2013 edition. A star-studded gala will showcase the designers’ inspired responses to TWELVE-ID, a creative challenge from C2-MTL that asked them to indulge their wild side and re-imagine clothing as we know it.

The Hot Fashion Ticket

The resulting creations will take the catwalk as part of the international business conference’s spectacular array of closing night activities on May 23. Produced by indie fashion magazine Dress To Kill, TWELVE-ID’s unveiling will see a Who’s Who of Montreal’s fashion and arts scenes take part in C2-MTL’s closing festivities.

“Introducing international leaders in business and innovation to world-class, Made-in-Québec creativity is a central goal of C2-MTL and our fashion project’s closing night unveiling will be sure to have our international guests talking, tweeting and texting home about these thrilling creations” said Nadia Lakhdari, VP Content and Event Program for C2-MTL.


TWELVE-ID features works by the following Québec labels and designers:

Anastasia Lomonova
Ready-to-wear with an abstract, intangible edge.

Barilà / Sabrina Barilà
Nomadic, colourful, contemporary outfits for women.

by THOMAS / Natasha Thomas
Refined aesthetics and bold sophistication.

Denis Gagnon
A Québec fashion legend famous for his work with leather and silk.

Duy / Duy Nguyen
Innovative, sharp tailoring and luxury fabrics for women.

Harricana / Mariouche Gagné
Sustainable, environment-friendly fashion featuring recycled fur.

Marie Saint-Pierre
A Canadian fashion icon renowned for avant-garde yet timeless and inspired designs.

Martin Lim / Danielle Martin and Pao Lim
Fluidity meets structured cuts in this celebration of femininity and sensuality.

Nadya Toto
Ultra-feminine designs emphasizing refinement and comfort.

Philippe Dubuc
Montreal fashion hero renowned for his tidy finishings, mineral tones and textured, modern textiles.

UNTTLD / José Manual St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger
Shameless, untamed high-end couture imbued with a sense of déja vu.

Ying Gao
Assumption-challenging clothing that combines urban design, architecture and multimedia.

Participating designers were each provided with fine fashion fabric generously donated by TWELVE-ID sponsor, Télio, a North American leader based in Montreal.