Go deep with James Cameron at C2-MTL 2014

C2-MTL’s program for 2014 is off to a blockbuster start with the confirmation of legendary filmmaker and envelope-pushing explorer, James Cameron.

While best known for his work writing and directing such groundbreaking box office hits as Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator and Avatar, Cameron’s fascination with the ocean depths has also established him as one of the world’s great explorers. In 2012, Cameron broke the record for the deepest solo dive, piloting the specially built Deepsea Challenger submarine seven miles to Earth’s deepest point, a section of the Mariana Trench called Challenger Deep.

Cameron is also actively involved in advancing outer space research and exploration, working closely with scientists and robotics engineers in the designing and prototyping of equipment and architectures for a human expedition to Mars.

Given the subject matter of films like Aliens and The Abyss, it’s hard not be a little surprised by Cameron’s desire to plunge into the dark unknown of outer space and Earth’s oceans. Yet his fascination with what lies beyond clearly outweighs the fear of what he might find.