Got a bright idea that you believe is going to change the way we use and benefit from technology? Want to run it past the world’s top business minds and innovators to see if they share your enthusiasm? If you answered “yes” to both these questions and you’re under the age of 30, C2-MTL’s Intel Emerging Young Entrepreneur (EYE) 50 challenge is just the thing for you.

EYE 50 unites C2-MTL and Intel in a global, grassroots search to identify the brightest technological innovators of tomorrow. Fifty submissions will be selected through a combination peer review and juried process, of which 20 will be invited to C2-MTL in May.

With the help of a jury-member mentor, each of the top 20 whiz kids will be given the opportunity to network and develop their ideas with the internationally-renowned leaders in business and innovation in attendance.