Safari camping Virgin style

A visual gallery of Sir Richard Branson‘s latest luxury retreat, Mahali MzuriMasai for beautiful place – situated within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the East African Plains of Kenya.

A few fast facts extracted from the recently published article in the Financial Times, “Camping with Branson” by Carole Cadwalladr:

  1. Mahali Mzuri officially opens August 1st, 2013.
  2. Richard Branson was made a Masai elder in 2007 – “an honour rarely bestowed on anyone who isn’t a Masai by birth”.
  3. The Olare Motorogi Conservancy was established to protect the land, negotiate the land rights with the 270 Masai leaseholders, set up a community trust and strict quotas.
  4. There are a total of 12 “tents” at $995 per person/per night during high season.


Life, death, gore, wild African animals, the survival of the fittest – and cappuccino. You don’t even have to move off the sun lounger next to the infinity pool to see the circle of life playing itself out… – Carole Cadwalladr


*Photos selected from the official website of Mahali Mzuri.

*Sir Richard Branson was part of the C2-MTL 2013 Speaker linewww.c2montreal.comp: May 21-23, 2013.