Presenting the C2-MTL ambassadors

Getting together an international bunch of some of the most influential game-changers across industries is easier said than done. By definition, C2-MTL attendees are spread all around the world, have very varied interests, and are experts in fields of the widest range imaginable.

We are betting the answer, just like the question, lies in people: according to the survey we did after the first edition of C2-MTL last May, three-quarters of our attendees would recommend attending the event to their friends and colleagues. Ah ha! See where we are going with this? That’s right: the power of networking. In our case, smart people talking to smart people. This is the idea behind the C2-MTL Ambassadors Program: helping some of the most high-profile and active members of the C2-MTL community to act as international advocates and promote our brand and event within their own networks.

And so 24 CEOs, founders and creative business folk, all leaders in their respective communities, from New York to Jakarta, are now beginning to spread the love to the forward-thinkers in their respective high-profile networks.

Curious to see who they are? Click the map below to find out. You won’t be disappointed:


All of them were genuinely excited about their C2-MTL experience, and most of them were already acting as informal Ambassadors. For example, Rene SuhardonoImpact Factory, Jakarta:

In a somewhat informal way, Rene was our first de-facto Ambassador, and his enthousiasm definitely played a part in sparking this program.


A little case study

Rene Suhardono-Canoneo , a public speaker, author and career coach at Impact Factory in Indonesia, learned about C2-MTL early in 2012 and was so inspired by the conference’s promise that he began routinely spreading the word throughout his personal and professional network. An audience of 65,000 on Twitter alone. Not too shabby.

Obviously, we took notice. After a little research we came to a conclusion: we need to harness the enthusiasm of this man who embodies the spirit of C2-MTL. The team quickly established a relationship with Rene, and in less than a month, he had already recruited no less than five delegates from his home country of Indonesia. At the conference, Rene contributed consistently to the atmosphere of collaboration and dialogue, even taking part in a Burning Question panel session. Following the conference, he and his fellow attendees held Twitter events to recap their experience and findings.


Stéphane Martel, C2-MTL Sales & Customer Service VP, put it this way: “We have such an engaged community, it made sense to involve them in promoting the event, by adopting this innovative, personalized approach; Our own way of finding a creative answer to a commercial question.”

Let’s wait and see how this pans out. Personally, I’m betting these twenty-four Ambassadors will be one of the main reasons why C2-MTL 2013 onewww.c2montreal.comps the first edition. After all, C2-MTL really is all about people sharing with people. And I’m excited to see what these people come up with.

See the whole list of Ambassadors here.

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