“Let’s not forget the people behind the tweets, the likes and the sharing in social media…”

“We have to remember that there are people behind the tweets, behind the likes and the sharing of social media content…” – Viviana de Loera, Social Media architect at C2MTL “We have some really good online connectivity today, but what’s now out of balance a little bit is the people-to-people [connection].” – Beverly Macy ___ […]

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Est-ce que j’ai pensé à mes alternatives, si Archimède ne répond pas?

Est-ce que j’ai pensé à mes alternatives, si Archimède ne répond pas? Question que nous nous posons dans « Le Guide des Esprits Insatiables. » Les participants à l’espace Eurêka de CES 2014 ont peut-être trouvé. Cette manifestation off-CES regroupe des startwww.c2montreal.comps mettant de l’avant des produits électroniques de tout acabit; un espace de diffusion pour certaines entreprises en démarrage […]

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…do I have a Plan B?

A noteworthy reference to guide your reflection on question No.1 from “The Guide for Inquiring Minds”: IF MY NEWTON MOMENT NEVER COMES, DO I HAVE A PLAN B? ___ “Business has the power to make the world better, but it needs a Plan B – one that considers people, the planet and profit.” –  Richard […]

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Living in the future

Have you ever told yourself: “I’d love to start my own business… if only I had a great idea”? Finding an idea is a commonly cited hurdle to starting a business. Entrepreneur and investor Paul Graham wrote How to Get Startup Ideas, an interesting essay that suggests that there are many ways to find startup ideas, […]

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Michael Reha

Dans le cadre de nos portraits d’affaires, nous avons posé quelques questions à Michael Reha, Fondateur, Président et PDG de Newad. Tous les matins…  Je me lève, je déjeune. Je me dis que je devrais aller plus souvent au gym et moins regarder mes courriels. J’apporte toujours… plusieurs cartes de crédit. Pleines. L’environnement qui m’inspire le […]

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On optimizing our creative pursuits: “The 5 a.m. Principle”

Guest post by Hacker, photographer and CEO of Valet.io  / Columbia dropout, Ben Drucker. “Getting up early makes me more creative, but you don’t need to wake up early to take advantage.” I started working on a habit in September that to most people seems to border on masochistic: I get up every weekday at or before […]

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Marie Saint-Pierre

C2MTL: Jouez-vous au travail? Marie Saint-Pierre: « Les jeux de matière, les jeux des proportions et des volumes… Le jeu a toujours été au coeur de mes activités. C’est d’ailleurs à travers lui que je trouve mon équilibre. » C2MTL: Votre collaboration de rêve? Marie Saint-Pierre: « Ma collaboration de rêve : travailler sur une collection de pièces de […]

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Robots, data, and experiences: A glimpse Into the future of computing

    Steve Brown offers a glimpse into some of the disruptive technology capabilities we should expect in the coming decade, explore some potential business opportunities these may present, and seeds initial discussion on the cultural implications that the accelerating pace of technological change poses for us all. “Do you want to know why I […]

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An innovative solution to one of the world’s most challenging problems

She may live Down Under, but Hollie Baigent is currently sitting pretty on top of a world that she’s determined to help. As the 23-year-old industrial design graduate puts it, “I feel like I’ve had a bite of candy apple and now nothing really adds up to it. I want more.” Baigent is now back […]

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How smart is your company when it comes to intelligence?

While we all are outraged by the recent revelations about how much intelligence has been easily gathered about countries and heads of state, how many executives have given an honest thought about all the data that can be obtained through open intelligence? Online, free competitive information has never been so close to your competitors’ fingertips. Let […]

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