C2-MTL’s global marketing panel: Taking "universal truths" mobile

One of the fundamentals of marketing to a world as diverse as it is round is sticking to basic “universal truths” that resonate across continents and cultures, says Emmanuel Seuge, Head of Global Sports and Entertainment Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company.   In Coke’s case, Seuge says that key universal truth is “happiness.” The genius […]

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Bobbi Brown: Nude lipstick and life lessons

Bobbi Brown’s mother would not let her quit college. After dropping out of three schools, Bobbi’s mother sat her down and asked, if it was her birthday and she could do anything she wanted, what would it be.   “I’d want to go to Marshall Fields and play with makewww.c2montreal.comp,” Bobbi replied.   Well, there […]

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Hilary Mason: There’s beauty in data science

Hilary Mason is more than just a microblog solutions finder (tweeters owe her big time) or web analytics optimizer. The Chief Scientist and head hell-raiser over at bitly, is a thinker, a philosopher, a leader and a frontline soldier in the field of Internet privacy. She is Big Data’s best friend and worst nightmare. Open […]

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Sanjay Poonen: Design thinking and dreaming big

“Software is just about the most boring topic in general,” admits Sanjay Poonen, Head of Technology Solutions & Mobile at SAP. “So you have to make it creative.” The self-described citizen of the world describes his work as “bringing a very different design thinking to this boring idea called enterprise software. And it’s all of […]

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Diane von Furstenberg: Stay true to your brand

Young Diane von Furstenberg didn’t know what she wanted to do, but she knew what she wanted to be. In the large scope of things, she wanted to be driving the bus, she wanted to be in charge of her life. Her mother always told her to be independent, and young Diane took that to […]

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Steve Brown welcomes the robots

Steve Brown wears well his title as Chief Evangelist for computing giant Intel, spilling over with enthusiasm for the possibilities of the digital future. His passion for computers emerged at a young age, when his father came home with what Brown calls “the first love of my life,” an early Commodore model. “This thing called […]

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Barry Diller: Trusting instincts and doing damage

Barry Diller is a big believer in the purity of decisions and ideas. Listen to your instincts, the famous media mogul counsels, and don’t forget that “any new idea is going to irritate the incumbents.” Despite having spearheaded four decades’ worth of successful film and TV, Diller declares forcefully that “there’s no way” to identify […]

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Neri Oxman: The mythologies of the not yet

Neri Oxman, Director of the MIT Media Lab’s Mediated Matter group, weaves a mind-bending mixture of science, literature, art, design and futuristic concepts. Oxman’s thinking draws on ancient mythology and the natural world for inspiration. She describes her lab’s goal as “how to design products and tools with new technologies that mimic what we find […]

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Philippe Starck: A genius and a toothbrush

“Elitism is the essence of vulgarity,” proclaimed Philippe Starck, as he watched the clock ticking down his time on stage at C2-MTL. “We can have more when we have less,” said Starck, worried that he wasn’t clicking through his slide presentation quickly enough. Starck was very conscious of the time, which comes as no surprise. […]

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Chris Bangle: Know your metaphor (and love your dog)

Whether he’s upending conventional wisdom, taking potshots at management types or comparing his own profession to a dog, Chris Bangle has come to C2-MTL to shake people out of their assumptions. The irreverent and provocative designer uses a lot of metaphors, and suggests that innovators think about their work in this way. “Figure out what […]

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