Fishing for audience: Tim Kring

Alternate reality raconteur Tim Kring suggests that content creators “fish where the fish are.” When it comes to engaging the public, you have to go to your audience. That is: across platforms, across broadcast channels and even across the real world. At least that’s what the screenwriter and TV producer told us in the Aquarium this […]

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The 100-day trick for happy HR

Global production powerhouse Cirque du Soleil knows a thing or two about putting talent centre stage. However, it’s their Chief Talent Officer Valérie Pisano – a pro at harnessing employee engagement – who’s taking care of the business of talent behind the scenes. And she has a unique method of doing it. Valérie said she […]

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How to host a podcast: Learnings from the Hot Docs Podcast Festival

There is no such thing as a podcast lottery. That is, you can’t just throw your content into the ether and hope that iTunes lets you win. In this audio world, there’s also no magic formula for unlocking a Serial-style following of listeners hanging on your every word. The perfect recipe just doesn’t exist. And […]

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Before the bout: key learnings from GSP

The GSP Special: get into a legend’s head On a new special episode of C2 Podcast, we hear from the champ in his own words as well as from his writer and strategist buddy Justin Kingsley, who literally wrote the book on the guy. A few weeks before the #UFC217 showdown, Justin spoke with the […]

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Georges St-Pierre’s insights from the octagon (an eight count)

Mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre sat under the 360 Big Top at C2 Montréal earlier this year with a fearsome adversary before him and a bunch of raving lunatics all around him – the only thing that made it different from his day job was that he wasn’t in his underwear. In conversation with creative […]

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Coworking around the world: Miguel McKelvey

WeWork’s Miguel McKelvey shares his secrets in the new C2 Podcast How many WeWork coworking locations are there in the world? Well, the short answer is more than 130 — but since they’re currently opening 10 to 15 new locations per month, including, notably, the iconic Lord & Taylor building in Manhattan. With WeWork on […]

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Happiness at work: Simon De Baene

Crédit: GSOFT Crédit: GSOFT When Simon De Baene started his company in 2006, he was still a student and the tech world was very different. With Google and Facebook only in the beginning stages of their ascendant trajectories, all the models he and his partners had at that point were big, impersonal companies. To this […]

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Meet Simon Bajouk, Chief Concierge at C2

One day, at around the same time a friendly gentleman with a clear fondness for footwear began turning up at C2 HQ, a small water cooler appeared in the kitchen. An unpretentious little thing (y’know, as water coolers go), filled up and topped off with wedges of lemon and lime, sliced cucumbers and fresh mint […]

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Gamifying the city – a win for cities of the future

Mexico City – a model for cities of the future? Unlikely as it may have seemed in decades past, Mexico City is not only providing a prototype of what the super-sized cities of tomorrow might look like, but is laying the groundwork for addressing the considerable challenges facing them. And it’s partly due to the […]

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How to influence people, one nudge at a time

Have you ever suddenly felt compelled to drop a twenty in a Sally Ann Christmas kettle when, even though you’ve walked past five of them already, it hadn’t even crossed your mind? Or, seemingly a propos of nothing, marched your usually politically indifferent butt out the door and down to the polling station to vote? […]

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