Calls to action: Chelsea Manning speaks at C2 Montréal

Whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning highlights the ways in which you are your own greatest change agent.

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Tips for navigating a rocky media landscape

BuzzFeed’s Craig Silverman offered some insights into the present-day media madness while speaking on Day 1 of C2 Montréal.

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Not at C2? Here’s how to fix that

Unable to make it to C2 Montréal this year? Fret not: Our Social Squad is there for you.

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Fishing for big ideas: Welcome back to the Aquarium

Deep dive into the Aquarium – an experimental live-broadcast radio space featuring compelling conference speakers – when it returns to C2 Montréal this year.

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Your guide to the C2 smart badge

Here’s everything you need to know about “kliking” with your C2 Montréal smart badge.

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How to eat and drink your way through Montreal

Where to eat in the best food city north of the Rio Grande? Here are some cues. 

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Italy is paving the way for a global food revolution

When it comes to reinventing the food system, one of the world’s oldest countries churns out tons of new solutions.

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Up close and personal with speakers in new-format Masterclasses

Ever wanted to spend a little more time with an expert who truly had something to say? If so, these reimagined Masterclasses are for you.

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New in 2018: Tackle multifaceted problems in Conversation Markets

Here’s your best shot at diving deep into a topic and considering every facets of a single problem.

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Flex your creativity in Workshops

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn, put concepts to the test and enrich your toolbox.

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