How to make every day World Creativity and Innovation Day: Host a sticky notes party

On the occasion of the above, here’s a fun and effective way of activating your team’s creative instincts around challenging problems.

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C2 Stories: A tutoring startup meets an industry gatekeeper and an education ensues

How Inspired Learning founder, educator and entrepreneur Mira Katz learned some valuable lessons of her own during three days in May.

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13 Montreal events and festivals to experience the city to the fullest

What to do in Montreal before and after C2? Here are 13 events and festivals suggestions.

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Women on top: Mayor Valérie Plante on power, parity and pink ties

In a brainstorming session at Espace C2, Montréal’s first female mayor suggested ways of creating better opportunities for working women in Quebec.

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Labs: Find new ways of thinking where you least expect them

Need a jolt of fresh creative energy? Check old ways of thinking at the door and gear up for a thought-provoking Lab at C2 Montréal 2018.

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What are Braindates and why should you care?

C2 Montréal’s peer-to-peer learning program helps you make the most out of your experience at C2

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Architecture, love and cyborgs: An interview with Guto Requena 

The Brazilian architect and urban planner talks about work and emotions ahead of his C2 Montréal talk and Workshop.

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Top four reasons why you should rush and apply for the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest (according to alumni)

Throughout the three days of the event, they meet industry leaders and experts and collaborate on finding creative solutions to real business challenges.

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C2 Podcast: Mobility moonshots

All about innovations in moving from point A to B, this episode of the C2 Podcast explores the next big strides in mobility.

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Oh, Cannabis! The marijuana cans and can’ts in countries around the world

Mapping cannabis legality globally and the Canadian post-legalization debate

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