10 ways to make people whistle while they work

The GSOFT offices in Montréal are big and bright, and the playroom dedicated to employees has much more to offer than the now-classic ping pong table and beer fridge: it has a skate ramp. Yet GSOFT CEO Simon De Baene doesn’t think employee satisfaction can be found in those types of gimmicks. To him, the […]

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A crash course on circular design

The linear economy is a dead end. Crazy talk? Consider this: by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. So what’s next? Instead of the “take, make and chuck it away” thinking that has underpinned the traditional linear economy, the circular economy aims to repurpose every part of every product and […]

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Thinking outside the ballot box

Today, September 15, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy Make a Hat Day. Also a happy Hug Your Boss Day, Greenpeace Day and National Double Cheeseburger Day. But mostly, we’d like to share our best wishes for the future on this International Day of Democracy. This year’s Day of Democracy […]

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Even evil droids must abide by rules for robots

Consider it an ideal gift for the little stormtrooper in your life: the recently revealed BB-9E droid that the intertubes are currently abuzz over. Painted a dastardly black and with a flattened face that only Supreme Leader Snoke could love, BB-9E is the evil twin of the loveable Star Wars BB-8 character that robotics company […]

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What is AI anyways?

From Musk to Putin, people are talking about the future role – and unintended consequences – of AI, but what do we really know about it? Yesterday, Elon Musk was all over the news (again) for his latest grandiose statement, albeit one that was of a decidedly less rosy sort. “Competition for AI superiority at […]

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Making The Minutes

Bestselling author Stephen King has inspired legions of literary fans with his theory that a writer’s job isn’t to find ideas, “but to recognize them when they show up.” For most projects, this is excellent advice. But I do wonder what Mr. King would make of C2, where literally hundreds if not thousands of great […]

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Recap: Day 3 of C2 Montréal 2017

It’s already time to say goodbye to C2 Montréal 2017! Here’s a quick recap of our last day of content, including a few links to find bits and pieces from the past 3 days (until we send you The Minutes this summer). The talk of the day In case you didn’t get to hear the […]

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Words of Wozdom

A few gems from a conversation with Steve Wozniak at C2 Montréal 2018 The legendary co-founder of Apple and Chief Scientist at Primary Data had a packed house laughing and cheering in the 360 Big Top. In conversation with Jennifer Reingold, Global Head of Content, Egon Zehnder, he spoke of a childhood spent tinkering with […]

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Recap: Day 2 of C2 Montréal 2017

The second day of C2 Montréal 2017 is already behind us, but we’ve prepared a brief recap of what struck the editorial team on that busy Thursday. Video of the day Hot off the press: check out (and share!) this great video recap of the first two days of the event. Story of the day […]

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Dive into the Aquarium

You may have seen (or maybe you heard) from a glass box in the heart of the C2 Montréal ecosystem. Welcome to the Aquarium, a new, live-broadcasting space. It’s an audio experiment we introduced for the first time this year, animated by our many amazing speakers, who discuss the big ideas coming out of the […]

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