Wrapping up 2017: Women mean business

For the last C2 Podcast of 2017, “Women mean business,” you’ll hear from amazing men and women who have solutions for a business world that is (still) skewed when it comes to gender.

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Ben Boyd shows us how to earn trust

You’re going to want to listen to Ben Boyd, trust us. On the new episode of the C2 Podcast, Ben shows us how to give people reasons to believe.

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Problem-solving with GE’s Linda Boff

Linda Boff, the CMO of GE, is a self-described “digital explorer” helping position her legacy multinational conglomerate as a 125-year-old startup at the forefront of the digital industrial revolution.

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Blockchain and Björk: a crypto primer

Popularized by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (and people like Björk), blockchain is a way to collectively and securely record transactions, digital currency and information through a mechanism of mutual consent and communication. 

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Building brands with buzz

More than quizzes and cat videos, they produce a whopping 600 pieces of content daily, which amounts to 2.5 million pieces of content to date and more than nine billion content views per month, making BuzzFeed the number one media and entertainment publisher across all social platforms.

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Fishing for audience: Tim Kring

Alternate reality raconteur Tim Kring suggests that content creators “fish where the fish are.” When it comes to engaging the public, you have to go to your audience. That is: across platforms, across broadcast channels and even across the real world.

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The 100-day trick for happy HR

Global production powerhouse Cirque du Soleil knows a thing or two about putting talent centre stage. However, it’s their Chief Talent Officer Valérie Pisano – a pro at harnessing employee engagement – who’s taking care of the business of talent behind the scenes. And she has a unique method of doing it.

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How to host a podcast: Learnings from the Hot Docs Podcast Festival

There is no such thing as a podcast lottery. But the great news, in my mind, is twofold: long-form narrative is alive and well, and the best is yet to come. At least this was the sense we got while attending the Hot Docs Podcast Festival 2017.

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Before the bout: key learnings from GSP

The GSP Special: get into a legend’s head. On a new special episode of C2 Podcast, we hear from the champ in his own words as well as from his writer and strategist buddy Justin Kingsley, who literally wrote the book on the guy.

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Georges St-Pierre’s insights from the octagon (an eight count)

In conversation with creative strategist, writer and long-time amigo Justin Kingsley, GSP shared hard-fought-for (sometimes literally) insights into the life of not just GSP the champion, but Georges St-Pierre the human, and what it takes to try and succeed at both.

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