7 reasons to volunteer with C2

It’s one thing to read about C2 and see it from the outside, but it’s a whole other experience being part of the production of this enormous undertaking. Just ask Marc-Antoine Massicotte, a volunteer that we spoke to who has returned to C2 Montréal many years in a row. After seeing a television interview with […]

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Meet Marc-Antoine Massicotte, volunteer: The people behind C2

Every year, hundreds of people from many walks of life volunteer behind the scenes at C2 Montréal in a variety of roles. Among the many reasons, they volunteer because they want a change of pace from their day to day, to gain experience, to get free access to the event, and/or to meet some of […]

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20 things about C2 Montréal that make it very different from other conferences

We know it’s trendy to say that what you’re offering is unique. Whether you’re a tech company (Apple’s famous “Think different” slogan) or a city (Austin’s catchphrase “Keep Austin Weird”) or even a conference, it’s desirable to be different. That said, C2 was born out of wanting to create something that broke the mold of […]

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Meet Diane Liberio: A Concierge Extraordinaire

[Fourth from the left: Diane Liberio in her role as a Concierge Extraordinaire at C2 Montréal 2016] Being a Concierge Extraordinaire at C2 Montréal is an important job. Your first priority is to ensure every participant gets the most out of their C2 experience and every single participant gets assigned a Concierge. This means that, […]

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Meet Alexa Maclean: One of the People Behind C2

The first time I saw Alexa was in the above photograph, taken when she was a volunteer at C2 Montréal 2015. The sense of humour and enthusiasm that shines through in that photo captured everything I had experienced of the team working hard behind the scenes: positive, can-do, hard working, enthusiastic, and the ability to […]

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9 Podcasts to Get You Into the Ecosystems Mindset

As C2 Montréal is now just over 100 days away, you are most likely trying to find ways to get prepared mentally for three days of immersive learning. We know that this year’s Ecosystems is a big topic to chew on. Even each of the subthemes where we list resources to get acquainted – Cities, […]

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Propelling Québec into a digital future

What will Québec’s digital future look like? Minister Dominique Anglade invites C2-goers to co-create it by participating in the Objectif numérique platform. Québec is a force for innovation. We have the collective will to transform our economy and position Québec as a leader in public and private sector digital excellence. C2 Montréal is an ideal time to remind […]

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Ecosystems – Theme 2017

Next year, building on our 2016 theme, The Many, we will explore the evolution of the complex Ecosystems we live in. Joining us for this conversation next May 24–26 are gaming powerhouse Jade Raymond and the ultimate dreamer, Steve Wozniak. Innovation is more and more dependent on a vast fusion of skills, beliefs and disciplines. The most creative solutions are often the […]

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Conversation with Ali Velshi: How “The Many” Are Holding the Key to Humanity’s Greatest Challenges

This year, during C2 Montréal, we will have the great pleasure of welcoming Ali Velshi on stage to hear his daily “Take on the Day”. Ali brings more than 20 years of journalism experience with CNN and Al Jazeera America. Born in Nairobi, he studied in Canada before pursuing his career in the USA and […]

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Ownership in the Age of Printable Goods: The Collision between 3D Printing and Intellectual Property

Just 10 years ago, the semantic web changed how we collected, connected and interpreted data to add layers of context to our lives. It added context to and changed everything about how we customized the world of information. Now 3D printing has the potential to eclipse this shift with tangible object creation, iteration, and replication. […]

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