Coworking around the world: Miguel McKelvey

At the C2 Montréal 2017 conference, WeWork Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Miguel McKelvey spoke with interviewer Chris Denson (Innovation Crush), addressing burning questions regarding innovative work environments and large-scale business growth in “Working on it,” the first episode of the brand new C2 Podcast.

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Happiness at work: Simon De Baene

At C2 Montréal 2017, the GSOFT co-founder and CEO spoke with CBC radio and TV journalist Sonali Karnick about his aspirations to be one of the best employers in Québec (the world?), and now you can hear it in “Working on it,” the first episode of the brand new C2 Podcast.

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Meet Simon Bajouk, Chief Concierge at C2

One day, at around the same time a friendly gentleman with a clear fondness for footwear began turning up at C2 HQ, a small water cooler appeared in the kitchen. An unpretentious little thing (y’know, as water coolers go), filled up and topped off with wedges of lemon and lime, sliced cucumbers and fresh mint leaves for good measure.

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Gamifying the city – a win for cities of the future

Mexico City – a model for cities of the future? Unlikely as it may have seemed in decades past, Mexico City is not only providing a prototype of what the super-sized cities of tomorrow might look like, but is laying the groundwork for addressing the considerable challenges facing them. And it’s partly due to the games people play.

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How to influence people, one nudge at a time

There’s an ever-more-popular school of thought that says we, as well as business and government, can influence people to make decisions or to do things by using subtle prompts, or nudges. And this past week, University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler received a Nobel Prize in economics to back that up.

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10 ways to make people whistle while they work

The co-founder and de facto “Chief Happiness Officer” of burgeoning software company GSOFT, Simon De Baene is a vocal proponent of a notion that should be obvious to everyone, but far too often isn’t: happy campers make happy workers.

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A crash course on circular design

The linear economy is a dead end. Crazy talk? Consider this: by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. So what’s next?

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Thinking outside the ballot box

This year’s Day of Democracy theme, as designated by the United Nations, is “Democracy and Conflict Prevention,” a result of what the U.N. says is a critical need to strengthen democratic institutions worldwide in order to promote peace and stability.

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Even evil droids must abide by rules for robots

Painted a dastardly black and with a flattened face that only Supreme Leader Snoke could love, BB-9E is the evil twin of the loveable Star Wars BB-8 character that robotics company Sphero, in tandem with Disney, made into a real-life toy bot phenomenon.

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What is AI anyways?

Yesterday, Elon Musk was all over the news (again) for his latest grandiose statement, albeit one that was of a decidedly less rosy sort. “Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo,” he tweeted.

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