“No idea is good forever.”

Partner Portrait of Jon Arklay, Senior Vice-President at Bell Media Agency - Brand, Creative & Marketing at Bell Media.

As part of C2MTL’s “Partner Portrait” series, meet Jon Arklay.

First thing in the morning…

I have my coffee & yogurt then go for a brisk walk with my dog which helps energize me for the day ahead.

I always carry…

My iPhone and as little of anything else as possible.

The environment that inspires me the most…

…outdoors and away from the city which allows for clarity of mind and breath.

Mentor ou menteé?

Mentor, but always learning from others.

I had to let go of my _____ to succeed.

I had to let go of my obsessive control over projects to succeed.

Creativity in business

…is found in all corners of successful companies and is essential to driving breakthrough results.

My business mantra: 

Always reevaluate: “No idea is good forever.”


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Bell MédiaPartner of C2MTL 2014.


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Photo courtesy of Jon Arklay.