How can I make my fears taste more like ice cream?

Quest after your creativity with "The Guide for Inquiring Minds".

At the beginning of the year, we introduced “The Guide for Inquiring Minds”  with 5 questions. This interrogative tool was created to help steer our Community’s professional goals no matter the business, discipline, or level of expertise. Each month, inspirational voices from around the world are invited to gift a question, and to further evolve this initiative, a contest was recently launched.

The questions submitted by the following 5 contributors were awarded an official spot in our guide: Alejandro Acuña, BRP, Louise Macdonald, Charles Bombardier and Julie Fossitt. 



1. If my “Newton Moment” never comes, do I have a plan B?

2. Do I talk to people or with people?

3. Can I boost my confidence, if I start celebrating my failures?

4. How can I attract more meaningful small talk?

5. Should I applaud good enough when it’s good enough?

6. What’s more important, my job description or my mission?

Gifted via Twitter by C2MTL 2014 Speaker Simon Berry, Co-founder and CEO of ColaLife. | Zambia, Africa / United Kingdom

7. Why not?

Gifted via Twitter by C2MTL 2014 Speaker, Estelle Métayer, President of Competia and Adjunct Professor at McGill University. | Switzerland

8. Do I ask enough questions or do I settle for what I know?

Gifted via Twitter by C2MTL Partner, Fatboy USA. | Texas, USA

9. So many tasks, too little time, what should I do?

Gifted by Melissa Sterry, Design Scientist, Futurist and curator of the Flipboard project Bionic City®. | United Kingdom

10. How can I empower my imagination (when I spend so much time plugged in to technological interfaces)?

Gifted by Edward Shuster, the artist-philosopher behind the kickstarter project “The Invisible City. | United Kingdom

11. Do I judge people by the color of their shoelaces?

CONTEST WINNER: Gifted by Alejandro Acuña, Creative Director, elastica. | C2MTL Ambassador from San Jose, Costa Rica

12. What conventions that have implicitly shaped the world can I challenge?

CONTEST WINNER: Gifted by C2MTL Experiential Partner, BRP | Montréal, Québec, Canada

13. How might I unwittingly be creating the opposite of what I want?

CONTEST WINNER: Gifted by Louise Macdonald, Executive Leadership Consultant | Montréal, Québec, Canada

14. Should I reveal my ideas or keep them to myself?

CONTEST WINNER: Gifted by Charles Bombardier, Columnist at The Globe and Mail, Engineer & Creative director at | Montréal, Québec, Canada

15. So why should I care?

CONTEST WINNER: Gifted by Julie Fossitt, Cultural Marketer | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

16. How can I make my fears taste more like ice cream?

– Anonymous


The contest is now closed, but if you have a fabulous question that must absolutely become a part of this Guide, shoot us an email.  In addition, please note that we do not translate gifted questions, therefore we need your help to grow « Le Guide pour esprits insatiables » .  If you would like to gift a question in French or know of someone who would jump at the chance, please contact us at 

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