Empower your team with the skills they need

C2 Montréal’s Collective Mission helps teams face pressing issues in their business together through a personalized turnkey experience

5 major benefits of the Collective Mission

Pre-event planning

Prior to C2, your team leader will work to align both the objectives of your Collective Mission and the key learnings you’d like to focus on during the event. Our team will then analyze them and propose a turnkey experience.

Bespoke experience

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Our team at C2 would love to discuss the many opportunities available for your team with you.

C2 Montréal is an annual creative business conference that hosts innovative entrepreneurs, dynamite speakers, collaborative workshops and epic celebrations each spring. 

More than 7,000 participants and Fortune 500 clients mingle at our award-winning, three-day immersive event, skilling up, digging in and returning to work on Monday highly stimulated from original C2 programming. 

Our mission is to reinvent business meetings, blow your mind and explore the creative intersections between commerce and arts, sciences, technology, society and sustainability.

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Mobilize your team around a shared mission

Are you seeking a peerless professional development program for your team? The Collective Mission is a unique opportunity for up to 10 members of your organization to collaboratively make strides in tackling a current business challenge or question.

The C2 team will suggest activities, talks and collaborative sessions that provide kind of content you are looking for based on your objectives.

Collaborative chops

Organizational intelligence-building

Daily touchpoints

Over the three days of the event, the facilitator will meet with the Collective Mission group daily to flesh out insights. These collective check-in moments will be the key to sharing and maximizing learnings on your Mission.

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Your organization will benefit from a ton of new knowledge gained through talks and collaborative sessions with world-leading experts.

A Collective Mission isn’t exclusively about building up organizational intelligence. It’s also about cultivating your team’s collaborative skills — a crucial tool they’ll then bring back within your walls — for everyone else’s benefit.

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C2 Montréal is eligible for the Quebec 1% Training Law regarding competencies development

What is C2 Montréal?

Build your collective knowledge and simultaneously make the most of your C2 Montréal experience.

Did you know that Québec’s Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Act requires employers with an annual payroll of more than $2 million to invest the equivalent of at least 1% of their payroll into employee training activities?

Take advantage of it with an immersive and tailored program specifically for your team!

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