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Collaboration allows the world’s brightest technological minds to get creative. As COVID-19 disrupts business as usual, synergies between C2 and IBM — especially our legacy of combining efforts to reinvent different industries — is as important as ever. With that in mind, we highlight some re-inventors of tomorrow through our thought leadership, featuring content from our C2 Conversations series and Q&As with IBM scientists on the frontlines of machine learning. We also invite you to join a unique experience, IBM Think Digitalnow available On Demand, where voices from forward-thinkers will surely get your synapses firing.

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Dr. Robert Sutor

"This is not magic. It is science."



David Cox is the IBM Director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, a first of its kind industry-academic collaboration between IBM and MIT, focused on fundamental research in Artificial Intelligence. According to Cox, we can use AI to give people superpowers. This researcher brings neuroscience into machine learning, predicting ways technology will fuel creativity in the future.

David Cox | The AI problem-solver

Ritika Gunnar

How do you get more women into tech? Ritika Gunnar digs into both data and personal insight to reflect on diversity in artificial intelligence.

VP Data & AI Expert Services & Learning at IBM

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Aleksandra Mojsilović

IBM Fellow at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, lead of the Foundations of Trusted AI

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We caught up with the Co-Director of IBM’s Science for Social Good to talk about machine learning, computers vs. COVID-19 and collaboration.

Women and machine learning

Meet creative technical leaders, community builders, mentors and first movers working with IBM to close the gender gap in machine learning.

"There is a huge potential for AI to do good."

David Cox



John Cohn | The mad scientist

Play your way to success with IBM’s Distinguished Agitator, who explains why “selective misbehaviour” is good for business.

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IBM Fellow, MIT-IBM Watson AI Research Group

Dr. Robert Sutor | Innovator, technologist and quantum computing expert

An innovator and technologist with more than 30 years experience at IBM, Dr. Robert Sutor specializes in not only quantum computing but also AI, blockchain, analytics, big data, software development, open source, Linux, cloud computing and mathematics. It’s an exciting time for emerging industrial sciences. Learn the basics of quantum with this IBM researcher as he explains what’s in store for computing.

VP - IBM Quantum Ecosystem Development, IBM Research

"Make time for unstructured play. Allow your employees to experiment, create, explore and even make a few mistakes without trying to over-measure the results."

John Cohn



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Director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM

Interview at C2 Montréal 2019

Keynote during C2 Montréal 2019

Highlights of IBM x C2 Montréal...

Keynote at C2 Montréal 2018

Article from the C2 Minutes 2018

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C2 CONVERSATIONS – LIVE | Getting AI to scale

Learn about the core ingredients necessary to integrate and scale your artificial intelligence projects in our first-ever C2 Conversation, which explores ways to embed AI throughout your organization.

The Takeaways

From culture to data, a cold start problem to the pandemic, diversity to mass AI adoption: Dig into key learnings from Ritika's C2 Conversation and get additional insights as she answers our community's burning questions.

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IBM Think Digital

Making the Digital Era an Inclusive Era

Inclusive Leadership and COVID-19

Interview with Michelle Peluso: Turning Mayhem into Momentum

Sponsored by IBM

How is the pandemic impacting the hospitality industry? What steps have Best Western taken in response? Tammy, a 2020 IBM Women Leaders in AI honoree, explains why data and AI could be critical to the customer journey — literally — in this exclusive feature interview.

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AI and hospitality: An interview with Tammy Lucas, VP Marketing at Best Western