Experience C2 as a group

Client hosting

Living the C2 experience together helps bring the business relationship to a new level, and positions the host as a strategic partner and catalyst for the future business success of their guest.

What C2 can do for your client hosting experience:

Provide memorable exclusive experiences:

  • Speaker Meet & Greets and Braindates with industry experts
  • Group Lab experiences
  • Reserved seating for talks
  • Personalized programs for your group based on predetermined objectives

Facilitate meaningful collective moments:

  • Private cocktail receptions, dinners and appreciation evenings
  • Private or shared access to a networking lounge

Business development

C2 sets itself apart in the world of business conferences thanks to its ability to connect people in unconventional ways. Challenge the status quo and build defining new relationships that will propel your business to the next level.

What C2 Montréal can do for your business development objectives:

C2 connects you to a global network of innovators and business leaders through:

  • Technology enhanced networking opportunities
  • Immersive environment that fosters meaningful connections
  • Personalized programs for your group based on predetermined objectives
  • In-office training sessions prior to C2 to optimize the connection opportunities

Check out our economic impact results here.

Professional development

C2 is the perfect setting for your team to regroup and get inspired. Rethink your processes, retool and re-energize leaders, enhance cohesion or even redefine your collective mission.

What C2 can do for your professional development and team building objectives:

  • Stimulate motivation and professional growth by leveraging the wealth of knowledge shared by inspirational speakers
  • Provide learning opportunities by exposing your team to various industry experts, and mobilize them through active participation in highly immersive learning experiences
  • Inspire the exploration of new creative processes and identify new innovative practices
  • Consolidate bonds and strengthen collaboration by providing an opportunity for the team to connect through shared experiences in a unique environment that fosters creativity
  • Expose your team to a global network of businesses leaders and ideas, broadening their perspectives and motivating their engagement for the long run