The Digital Creativity Summit

The Digital Creativity Summit

C2 Montréal’s contribution to Montreal’s digital creativity hub, the Digital Creativity Summit is an opportunity for the digital entertainment ecosystem to come together, get inspired and explore industry challenges. In a mix of talks, Masterclasses, Workshops, Conversation Markets and invite-only activities, get a jolt of creative energy, ask yourself the right questions and dig for creative answers.

Here are the activities showcasing digital creativity


May 23

Workshop – Remix your creative process: A DJ’s take on trying new approaches
How you can you create a strong emotional connection with your audience?

With DJ Lexis

Workshop – The future of work: Meeting the demands of digital
How can you intelligently automate and integrate content-driven business processes among employees, partners and customers to speed up operations, innovate and compete?

With Ian Phillpot and David Majetic (Box)

Masterclass – Draw creative conclusions
Draw from an animator’s creative process and experience to tap into and elevate your innate ability to create.

With former Disney animator Dave Zaboski (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Fantasia 2000)

Masterclass – Create what matters
Take a journey to the no man’s land between disciplines, an untapped area that yields creative gold for those who dare explore it.

With Phil Meunier (Sid Lee)

Talks – Visionary placemakers
Explore how design, architecture and technology are shaping the cities and ecosystems of tomorrow and transforming human interactions.

With Corinne Vezzoni (architect), Craig Nevill-Manning (Sidewalk Labs) and Guto Requena (Estudio Guto Requena)


May 24

Talks – Here we are now, entertain us
Get a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes in the world entertainment ecosystem. Learn from industry experts about the role played by technology in shaping the future of content creation and live events, and discover how they are continually creating unique and valuable experiences for an ever-evolving audience.

With Sakchin Bessette (Moment Factory), Jordan Soles (Rodeo FX), Andy Nulman (Play The Future), Martine St-Victor (moderator)

Talks – Grow up! Scaling and investing in a digital world
Meet a turnaround specialist known for solving mission-critical business problems. Discover the investment landscape from the standpoint of a veteran financier with a sharp eye for disruption.  Be inspired by the vision of a powerful and empowering business leader in one of the world’s most important emerging markets.

With Anna Gong (Perx Technologies), Jim Coulter (TPG) and Tunde Kehinde (Lidya)

Conversation Market – The future of entertainment
What new technology and business models will shape the types of media we consume and how we consume them?


May 25

Talks – Tech with heart, data with soul
Discover the work of designers, creatives and executives using tech and data to craft emotionally compelling products, unexpected stories and next-generation retail experiences.

With Christine Sunu (flashBANG Product Development), Alex Bodman (Spotify) and Louis-Yves Cloutier (360.Agency)     

Talks – Snapshots of a changing world
See the impact of humankind on the world’s natural ecosystems through the lens of an award-winning artist. Learn more on the creative process of a designer known for crafting outstanding experiences. Hear the story of two globetrotters photographing the world’s indigenous cultures.

With the Honourable Linda Dessau (Governor of Victoria), Edward Burtynsky (photographer) and Jean-François Bouchard (interviewer), Tim Kobe (Eight Inc.), and Jimmy Nelson (photographer) and Stephanie van der Wiel (photographer)

Workshop – Worlds collide: When science meets creativity
What new ways of thinking lie at the intersection of science and creative design?

With Sid Lee and BEworks, members of the Kyu Collective

Workshop – Listen to your audience: Creating stories in tune with your data
How can data fuel compelling storytelling?

With Alex Bodman (Spotify)

Workshop – Create without a net: Taking big ideas from the big top
How can you apply Cirque du Soleil’s creative process to your business?
With Michel Laprise (Cirque du Soleil)

Talk – Explore the essence of what light is and what it means to us.

With Bentley Meeker (artist and lighting designer)


And much, much more since passes for the Digital Creativity Summit grant you access to C2 Montréal’s three days of programming.

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What is Montreal’s digital creativity hub?

Launched in April 2018 by the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary, Montreal’s digital creativity hub gathers C2 Montréal, Lune Rouge Creative Hub and HUB Montréal in a new ecosystem tasked with strengthening and enhancing Montreal’s visibility as a creative and innovative city.

Each of these three stakeholders plays a specific role in the digital creativity hub’s annual program. In May, C2 Montréal will act as an inspirational platform, giving decision-makers from around the world the chance to explore industry ideas, findings and challenges during its Digital Creativity Summit, which takes place in the context of C2 Montréal (May 23-25). It’s the beginning of a conversation that will continue over the months to come.

The Lune Rouge Creative Hub will ensure that the knowledge and solutions produced by this ongoing dialogue throughout the summer are retained and followed up on.

In November, HUB Montréal will showcase the conclusions and concrete solutions put forward during its “marché des industries créatives” (creative industries market).

Montreal’s digital creativity hub is also supported by the Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC), the Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo indépendants du Québec, the Alliance Numérique as well as the Ville de Montréal, who will all mobilize their members to maximize the project’s impact.