Imagining cities … one brick at a time

Here, all cars are autonomous. The experiences of pedestrians and cyclists are optimized with sensors that recognize and guide them. Water main breaks and emergency road work are virtually non-existent, as maintenance activities are carefully planned using predictive technology. Neighbourhoods are vibrant and offer anyone who desires it the opportunity to live, shop and work […]

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Hands-on workshops for next-gen marketers

What’s the role of marketing in an increasingly complex ecosystem? At C2 Montréal 2017, dig even deeper into the discussion with uniquely conceived collaborative sessions tailored to your needs. Exchange thoughts with field-leading thinkers, discover new solutions and put your ideas into action. Specifically, up your creative game courtesy of design thinking with IDEO; sit […]

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Get a glow on at Illumination Night

Celebrations feature a DJ set from electrofunk duo Chromeo and more musical acts to be announced Join us for Illumination Night on Friday, May 26 at Arsenal to kick off summer and wrap up the 6th edition of C2 Montréal with a bang. On Friday evening, once the final keynote conference is over around 6:30 PM, […]

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Reinventing entertainment: Eight new speakers in the spotlight

How many of your friends have cancelled their cable TV? It’s not because we’re suddenly losing our love of storytelling, but rather that rapidly evolving new media – web series, virtual reality and video gaming, for example – is taking these narratives to exciting new horizons. That said, the first-person experience is king, and even […]

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A classic(al) kick-off with mæstro Nagano and musicians of the OSM

To celebrate C2’s opening, mæstro Kent Nagano and ten Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM) musicians will perform in the 360 Big Top. The music, Meeting with a Friend by Latvian composer Georgs Pelēcis, was chosen by the mæstro himself – a regular at C2 Montréal – and for a very symbolic reason. The solo violin, […]

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Modern-day moonshots: Meet four more speakers making leaps for mankind

The exhilarating and heart-stoppingly risk-laden space race of the 1960s would have implications far beyond the unprecedented technological boundary-pushing of the time. Following the Soviet Union’s launch of the Sputnik satellite into low Earth orbit in 1957, the U.S. declared it was going to the Moon, and just over a decade later that dream was […]

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Leave your cards at home: your new connected badge does all the work

No one comes to a conference just to spend three days glued to a cellphone. Just the opposite – technology should help us optimize the time we’re lucky enough to share with some of the most passionate and exciting people in the world. At an event like C2, technology should help us meet the right […]

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Our very own moonshot: Organizing the biggest eco-responsible business conference in the world

In April 2016, the C2 team embraced a major challenge: to have C2 Montréal become one of the most environmentally responsible large-scale events in the world within five years. Less than a year later, we’re well on our way. First, we made C2 Montréal “the largest business conference to earn Level 2 certification,” according to […]

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Here are the winners of the 2017 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

Young businesses and the spirited entrepreneurs that propel them are at the heart of C2’s mission, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest, 2017 edition. Every year, the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation sponsors the participation of 25 emerging entrepreneurs at C2 Montréal. Throughout the event, the winners get […]

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Here are your Concierges Extraordinaires

NAME Matthew Dansereau BACKGROUND Graduate from HEC Montréal in bilingual business administration. WHY I’M A C2 CONCIERGE? I see this as an opportunity to enter the event industry, to develop skills and above all, to be part of this wonderful experience that is C2. FUN FACT I got my forehead cut open while skiing and […]

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