This year’s programme is now complete! Here are some highlights…

C2 team
This year’s programme is now complete! Here are some highlights...

The road to C2 Montréal each year is dotted with several major milestones, and for the greater C2 team this is one of the most eagerly awaited ones: the announcement that the programming for this exciting eighth edition is now complete.

Now it’s time for you to dive into the full programme and start to plan your three-day C2 journey, because it’s never too soon to begin thinking about how you want to do C2. To help get you started, here are…


10 of the many highlights in the full programme

1. He revolutionized both the landscape of independent cinema and the role of black talent in film, and his movies are outspoken sociopolitical critiques that challenge our cultural assumptions, not only about race but also class and gender identity. You do not want to miss Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee.

2. Check out C2 Montréal’s bigger and brighter new venue: Grandé Studios in the neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles in C2’s traditional stomping grounds in the city’s southwest, a stone’s throw from downtown. Among its many fantastic features are soaring 60-foot ceilings and 200,000 square feet of space to stretch your ideas out in.

3. Prepare to get schooled by this year’s 7 Under 7, seven exceptional young folks who are each doing extraordinary and inspiring things in the service of their fellow human beings. They’ll be sharing their own stories and unique perspectives onstage throughout the three-day schedule.

4. Find your business soulmate or maybe even a new best friend (trust us, it happens a lot) with Braindate. Powered by e180, Braindate is one of the best (and most popular) tools available for making the most of your experience at C2. Each year, braindates connect thousands of participants interested in sharing knowledge one-on-one or in small groups. Don’t miss out — book yours before arriving onsite by clicking the Braindate tab in klik, then meet in person at the Braindate Lounge.

5. Be amazed by marketing dynamo, business celebrity and diversity champion Bozoma Saint John, the Endeavor CMO has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world (including Uber, Apple Music and PepsiCo) and who is redefining what leadership looks, thinks and acts like.

6. Step out of your comfort zone and into a new perspective with C2’s six custom Labs this year. For example, Barometer literally takes a stand on pressing business, cultural and societal questions by way of an experience designed to challenge assumptions and provoke peer-to-peer debate. The Slow Lab guides participants through a series of “slow looking” exercises as a way of strengthening their ability to focus and navigate complexity in an accelerating world. And Pivot examines technology’s growing influence and the question of whether online platforms bring us closer together or further apart.

7. Martine Rothblatt has an incredible life/career story. The futurist, big pharma mogul, hotshot entrepreneur, lawyer, inventor, polymath, philosopher and writer wears many hats — and we dare you to tell this biotech CEO and founder and former CEO of SiriusXM that something is impossible.

8. Discover how top chef Marcus Samuelsson is bridging gaps between peoples and cultures by using food as a powerful catalyst for creating understanding at his must-take masterclass, “Shifting food’s value proposition.”

9. Astronauts! Hear from a completely different perspective when Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques shares his thoughts while orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station, in conversation with former CSA astronaut Dave Williams.

10. And get your blood pumping and your feet moving at C2’s annual closing night, blowout celebratory event, “Illumination Night” presented by Stradigi AI. It’s the party that always kicks the summer off in a big, big way.


Don’t risk missing out on these or any of the other many highlights this year — get your passes now.

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