Reinvention: A new way to convene and connect

C2 Team

A statement on COVID-19

We at C2 feel it is important to talk to our community now, even though the crisis is far from being behind us.

First, we want to publicly join governments and all the other companies, organisations and individuals that are saying with a loud voice that the number one priority is to contribute to efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, to ensure the health and safety of employees and fellow citizens, especially those most vulnerable.

We know that the safety of our fellow citizens includes how we will address the ominous economic crisis that is setting in and forcing major layoffs at many companies and across industries. C2 has a role to play in tackling this – we want to help.

It is our time to collectively step up.

Second, with all of this in mind as our guiding principle, we want to make the following statement:

C2, supported by a network of other companies and organizations, wants to contribute to the nation’s economic recovery by leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise.

Now is the time to embrace change and answer the challenges businesses face today with bold solutions. We call for all hands on deck.

We owe it to our community and to Montreal, the city that inspired C2’s creation. And we are confident our participants and partners will help us do just that.


The reinvention of C2

In the face of such a major crisis, we will all need to be creative and to innovate, to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today we are announcing that C2 Montréal will take place in fall 2020, and held under a new theme: Reinvention. Our vision is that C2 will be stronger than ever.

We are also adding a new layer to our event: enhanced digital content that will give participants and partners access to deeper learning, heighten networking and engage them in a larger community.

Finally, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of C2 in 2021, we are announcing the launch of C2 Spark, a multiple micro-event series that aims to connect creative communities from Montreal with those in other major North American cities, and to bring together visionary thinkers from all over the world.


Excitement for the future

We know that once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and we emerge from our collective efforts to curb its impact, we will want to reconnect and continue on our journey together.

We’ll be in touch soon with the fall dates and dynamic new location for C2 Montréal. We hope you get #behindC2 and join us for this exciting new chapter.


The C2 Team