Big news at C2: Introducing the 360 Big Top

We have some “big” news that we’re very excited to share with you. Introducing the C2 360 Big Top, the newest addition to C2 Montréal’s expansive, ever-evolving village, and a game changer in the making.

Bye-bye Forum, hello 360 Big Top

At the 2017 edition of C2 Montréal, May 24-26, speakers and other guests will be invited to take full advantage of our new main conference stage, the 360 Big Top. This is not the big top you know from previous editions of C2: the new 360 Big Top is a high-capacity, 360°, fully immersive, state-of-the-art performance platform. Though the Forum did an exemplary job of staging top content from world-class innovators over the past five years, it’s time we took things to the next level.


C2 like you’ve never seen it before

The 360 Big Top is literally one of a kind, a completely unique structural wonder that was originally designed and built for the spectacular, world touring theatre production of Peter Pan 360.

The 360 Big Top allows for completely new conference formats that have never been seen before in the context of a business conference. Meaning it’s perfectly suited to C2. If a speaker wants to transform the conference space into a lush rooftop garden, we can do that. Want to transport your audience to the mountains of Mars? We can do that, too. In fact, there’s not a lot we can’t do with our new toy. And we’ll be applying that same line of thinking to the former Forum space, which will be reinvented, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the C2 village in 2017.

So maybe you’ve seen C2 before, but you’ve never seen it like this.


Fun facts about C2’s new 360 Big Top

  • It can comfortably accommodate 1,400 on its cushioned seats
  • All seats are great seats: spectators are never more than 13 rows from the stage
  • Capable of 360° surround video projection and sound, it’s ideal for making multisensory experiences and for creating new interactive possibilities between the real world and digital realms
  • Has a large, 37-metre-diameter interior – lots of room to play
  • Its sturdy, pyramidal steel frame can handle serious lighting and sound rigs, digital projections and pretty much anything else we want to throw at it (or on it)

This timelapse will give you an idea of the scale of it all.