C2 is great for small businesses

What can C2 do for your small business? Find out on Journée PME

If anyone doubted that C2 Montréal is great for business, small business in particular, the good folks at the PricewaterhouseCoopers survey firm recently put that thought to bed for good. Their recent study, based on the numbers from our 2015 edition, confirmed that one out of every three organizations that participated in C2 reported having brokered lucrative business deals as a direct result of contacts and connections made here. So what does that mean? It means $126.1 million in total economic impact. And that was just 2015.

Wednesday (May 25) is particularly relevant for small businesses and has been designated C2’s Journée PME (roughly translated, Small- and Medium-Sized Entreprises (SME) Day), presented by Gouvernement du Québec in collaboration with the Canadian Economic Development Agency. It’s an opportunity for small business leaders to participate in workshops, masterclasses and activities hosted by organizations that specifically cater to SMEs.


These sessions include:

Born Global: Be International From the Start

Get inspired by startups that went international right from the start.
Presented by Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

Build Collaboration With a Health Challenge

Learn collaboration techniques and tools to build a health challenge at your company.
Presented by Gouvernement du Québec

Québec Inc. + Québec 2.0

Participants will learn about emerging best practices for large companies to work with the startup community leveraging practices of open innovation and how to work with the best talent.
Presented by Gouvernement du Québec

Towards a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Learn how to identify quick improvements, increase response time to market conditions, better meet the continually changing needs of clients and implement the conditions for long-term success.

Presented by BDC

Other presenters of masterclasses and workshops also include Investissement Québec.


Special offers for SMEs:

Journée PME Package: $1,350 for the full day on Wednesday May 25.



These offers are only available to SMEs of 100 employees or less that wish to develop international business relations or deepen those existing connections. Offer available on new pass purchases only.

Those interested in these offers should contact Maude Gendron at 514-995-9378 or mgendron@c2.biz