C2 Montréal embarks on a journey towards sustainability

Events are great for getting people together and inspiring them to join forces in making a difference. Unfortunately, they tend not to be the most environmentally responsible of activities. Let’s see if we can help shift this paradigm:

We, C2 Montréal, hereby declare our intention to attain a first-class sustainability ranking within the next five years.

There is no kidding ourselves – we know this will be hard work, but we know it’s worth it. That’s why we are hitting the gong with a first tangible commitment: to be carbon neutral as of this very edition. This is part of a series of baby steps we are taking with the intention of getting a modest yet significant sustainability ranking as early as this year.


Compensating 100% of green-house gas emissions

“When it comes to overall carbon-emissions compensation, it’s a true rarity to find an organization the size of C2 willing to make that commitment,” says Caroline Voyer, Director at the Sustainable Events Council. “When it comes to corporate conventions, it’s extremely rare that they compensate anything.”

The Sustainable Events Council has partnered with us, along with Équiterre, to make 2016 our audit edition, during which we’ll analyze our energy profile and use the data collected to work towards a first-class ranking. It’s the start of a long process, but one that we hope will inspire others.

“C2’s strength is to be able to address decision-makers in other organizations. They have a huge potential to be creative about how they do this and influence others to follow suit,” says Colleen Thorpe, Project Manager, Sustainable Development at Équiterre.

Participants who wish to do their part are encouraged to do so by donating $5 towards compensating their greenhouse gas emissions when purchasing their tickets.


Reducing waste

We’ve also started integrating strategies to reduce waste and recycle goods and materials throughout our production cycle. We always prioritize reusable materials in the construction of our site, but this year we’re amping up that initiative, reusing materials like plywood, repurposing or donating other scenographic elements to local community organizations.

And last but not least, we’ll be taking extra care in making sure we make it easier to do the right thing, by offering reusable dishes in our food stations, and working exclusively with food trucks that use compostable or 100% recyclable dishware. And of course, we’re offering reusable bottles for sale for those who come without (this year again, you won’t find any plastic bottles onsite).


Tips to greening your C2 experience

– Donate $5 toward covering the event’s footprint when you buy your ticket.

– Use public transport, the electric taxi service, the communal bike system or your own two feet to get onsite

– Bring your own reusable water bottle

– Choose low-impact (e.g. vegetarian) foods options

– Follow the signage: recycle your used papers, compost your compostable dishware, use the slower-but-greener coffee station.

– Share the love and follow C2’s lead once you get home by developing your own sustainable strategies in your sector.

Want to up the ante? Tell us what else we should do.