AccelerateMTL Startup Program

Attention all captains of industry: This year C2 and AccelerateMTL are teaming up with the C100 and iNovia to curate an exclusive three-day Startup Program in the unique context of C2 Montréal 2016, held May 24 – 26. A jury, selected by AccelerateMTL and drawn from the VC community, will be offering founders from 50 promising early-stage technology startups a chance to participate in this one-of-a-kind program through the C2xAccelerateMTL Contest.

The selection criteria :

Applying startups should:

  • Be a technology startup (software or hardware)
  • Have launched a product and prototype and have existing users
  • Have raised a round of angel or seed financing
  • Have demonstrated strong momentum in building the company and/or sustained growth at least for the past 6 months (MAUs, MRR or other KPIs)
  • Have a strong vision to build a large company within the next 5 years (>$100M in revenue, no planned exit in the short term)
  • Be among those who would particularly benefit from the C2xAccelerateMTL program, namely by connecting with early-stage investors and high-growth startup leaders

The all-star jury:

  • Chris Arsenault, Managing Partner at iNovia Capital
  • Katherine Barr, Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures
  • Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner at SoftTech VC
  • Terry Doyle, Executive Chair at C100

“You would be surprised how little homework entrepreneurs do on investors before they go and start fundraising. Speak to other entrepreneurs in your area to understand the landscape. There’s a rule in Silicon Valley too that all deals come to us through a referral. One side door entrance, however is the well known incubators and accelerators,” said Jeff.

C2xAccelerateMTL might be a good way to get through that door.

Connecting Silicon Valley with Canadian talent at C2 Montréal

In addition to getting a three-day pass to C2, the fortunate 50 contest winners will benefit from a specially-curated skill- and relationship-building program, featuring private mentoring talks, masterclasses and workshops with established investors and entrepreneurs. And those mentoring have the distinct advantage of working with 50 of the hottest technology startups in Canada.

“Montréal is very strong on the consumer, fashion, retail, and commerce infrastructure fronts. Luxury travel too. Montréal is a place where even 10 years ago, we didn’t have companies this ambitious. It’s also attractive for companies, because there’s less competition than the Valley”, said Chris.

Through the C2xAccelerateMTL Startup Program and as part of the official C2 program, AccelerateMTL entrepreneurs will get the chance to forge new connections, expand their networking reach, develop business-building skills and unlock opportunities while coming together in the discovery of creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest business challenges.

“Look at C2. C2 is an initiative from strong entrepreneurs who had a vision and then started executing. Was there a C2 10 years ago? Why wasn’t there a C2 in 1997? The entrepreneur base. The mindset. […] The mindset across all sectors has changed. It’s the creativity and believing we can achieve anything we can set our minds to.”

All C2 attendees still stand to profit from AccelerateMTL’s presence this year – they’ll be presenting Big Top sessions in collaboration with the C100 that are open to the entire C2 crowd.

The contest is now over. Stay tuned for more information.