Chromatic Pro at C2 Montréal 2017: bridging art and business

C2 team

Culture, as a driver of creativity, has played a primary role in the C2 ecosystem since the outset. This year, we’re proud to announce a new partnership with Montréal’s Chromatic Pro, a collective that cultivates conversations between artists, entrepreneurs and professionals. Chromatic Pro’s first art installation showcase will present 12 innovative digital works that share a common trait: the perception of reality through manipulation, excitement and curiosity. The goal? Foster relationships between artists and well-established international producers and to promote art!

In addition to the exhibit, several conferences and workshops promise to enrich discussions about creativity in culture and art. It’s the perfect opportunity to nurture collaboration between the creative industry, business, art and culture.


An art market at C2: an exhibit featuring innovative Montréal artists

With its first art installation showcase within the C2 Montréal ecosystem, Chromatic Pro seeks to export local artists and creators worldwide. Promoting our innovations in digital art and featuring our artists helps shape Montréal’s image as a creative and attractive city. This art market is also a great opportunity for Québecois artists and culture professionals to share and form strong bonds.

Over the course of three days, have moonlight at your fingertips with Daniel Iregui’s Moon; layer digital compositions directly over yourself using Mateo Mounier’s Digital Skin; document a moment of your life for later appreciation in Jonathan Chomko’s intriguing Slow Glass mirror; plus much more to discover from artists Float 4, Greg Barth, Guillaume Arsenault, Guillaume Lachapelle, Jordan Söderberg Mills, Kenny Wong, Myriam Bleau, Sabrina Ratté and Tyson Parks.


Conferences, roundtables and workshops complementing C2 programming

Complementing the C2 experience, on May 24 and 25 starting at 6 pm, Chromatic Pro offers several activities that reflect on the latest economic shifts provoked by innovations in art and culture. “Art and business,” “Success and failures in large creative studios,” “Cultural and creative entrepreneurship,” “Growth in cultural organizations,” and “How to remain creative?” are but a few of the topics explored throughout the different conferences, roundtables, workshops and coaching sessions offered by our cast of local and international guests.

Throughout this partnership, C2 encourages contact between participants – whether they come from art, culture or business – to form new ideas and new collaborations.

Professionals in search of new inspiration and new forms of creativity, come and experience Chromatic Pro in the heart of Montréal!

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