Discover C2 Montréal’s programming: A reimagined experience for extraordinary times

C2 Editorial Team

It has been a unique and extraordinary year by any measure, and this moment in time that we now all find ourselves in demands a unique and extraordinary response. It’s been with that objective in mind that the C2 Montréal team has been steadfastly planning and preparing this one-of-a-kind edition. We are beyond excited to now share this year’s exceptional programming, for an exceptional year, with you.

The programming is directly inspired and guided by C2 Montréal’s theme this year, (Re), which speaks strongly to the present as we turn to face the future: it’s time to (Re)convene, (Re)connect, (Re)engage, (Re)imagine and (Re)new.

C2 Montréal participants can expect to be immersed in a reimagined experience via an all-new event platform while benefiting from greater connecting opportunities (including an innovative, new and next-level virtual networking space), enhanced collaborative sessions and more, both online and, for a limited number of pass holders, in person.

Without further fanfare, we invite you to explore the dynamic range of programming that we’ve prepared so far for this special edition of C2 Montréal (October 19-21, 2021). We hope you enjoy!



C2 is where the best and the brightest in business come to get (re)newed

The insight and expertise of C2MTL’s inspirational speakers are at the core of the C2 experience. They’re a diverse mix of bold business leaders, status-quo-challenging creatives, game-changing entrepreneurs and the next generation of change-making voices.

This year, senior leaders from TikTok, Facebook, Novartis, Amazon, Reddit, Cirque du Soleil, Shopify, RBC, Pixar, Google Empathy Lab, Groupe CH, Sid Lee, Development Bank of Canada, Verizon, KOTN and more will grace our stage.

The following new speakers are among the latest to join our rapidly expanding speaker roster:


Adrian Grenier

Actor, Filmmaker and Social Advocate

Hannah Bronfman

Author, Founder of HBFIT, Investor and On-Camera Personality

Marie-France Tschudin

President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada

Harley Finkelstein

President, Shopify

France Margaret Bélanger

President, Sports and Entertainment, Groupe CH

Ed Catmull

Co-Founder, Pixar

Katherine Dudtschak

EVP, Regional Banking, Personal and Commercial Banking, RBC

Joe Iles

Circular Design Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Manon Brouillette

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, Verizon Consumer Group

San Rahi

EVP Growth & Innovation, Global Brands, Sid Lee

Roxy Young

Chief Marketing Officer, Reddit, Inc.

Rami Helali

Co-Founder and CEO, Kotn

Kendra Jessie

Indigenous Wellness Advocate

Tamir Bar-Haim

Director of International Expansion, Amazon Ads


They will take their place beside previously announced names like Lindsey Vonn (Olympic Skier & Founder, Lindsey Vonn Foundation), Mindy Kaling (Best-Selling Author, Producer, Actress and Director), Ghislain Picard (Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador), Daniel Habashi (General Manager of TikTok Canada, Middle East, Africa and South Asia), Isabelle Hudon (President and CEO, BDC), Dr. Farah Alibay (Aerospace Engineer) and many more.


Can’t-miss conferences

C2 conferences are an open doorway into deeper exploration of the topics raised and an invitation to find inspiration in the stories of those tackling the great business and social challenges of our times. The following are but a handful of the many can’t-miss talks, panels, conversations, roundtables and masterclasses being presented this year:


“The business of space with Farah Alibay” (presented by Ville de Montréal)

Montreal-born Farah Alibay is a Systems Engineer working on groundbreaking space exploration missions such as the 2021 Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter missions to Mars. At her in-person fireside chat at TOHU (read more about C2MTL’s physical site below), Alibay will talk about her amazing career and what it means to conquer space while saving Earth.


“(Re)imagining content and digital campaigns”

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, marketers are often searching for creative ways to reengage consumers. Join Amazon Ads’ head of international expansion to discover the magic of Twitch and how unexpected campaign tactics can help you grow your brand.


“Quebec’s digital creativity: Exporting the magic” (presented by Gouvernement du Québec)

For Asia, the Middle East, Scandinavian countries and many others, Quebec’s digital creativity is a valuable resource in demand. What characterizes this creativity? What factors have led to the success and international recognition of this unique talent pool?


“Rapper’s delight: In conversation with Sarahmée”

Hot off her third album, Senegalese-Canadian rapper Sarahmée opens up about her experiences in the biz. Her unique voice and power is wildly refreshing in an industry that has traditionally eschewed amplifying and celebrating the talent and labour of Black women.


“What can leaders learn from ambiverts to get the most out of their teams”

Join world-renowned business professor Dr. Karl Moore (McGill University) for a masterclass that explores how adapting your leadership skills to the traits and behaviours across the introvert/extrovert spectrum can help you get more from your teams.


“Culture and COVID-19: What’s next for the business of sports and entertainment?”

The future of sports and entertainment is up for discussion in this Montréal-focused roundtable with Cirque du Soleil’s Daniel Lamarre and France Margaret Bélanger of Groupe CH. How are major entertainment companies investing and preparing for another pandemic year? What major lessons will be applied moving forward?



Get down to business at workshops

C2 Montréal’s workshops are where we roll up our sleeves, put our thinking caps on and get busy prototyping solutions to real-world business challenges. Workshop participants will tackle some of today’s most pressing burning questions related to our five content pillars: Marketing & Media, Leadership & Talent, Society & Environment, Art & Design, and Science & Technology.

A range of topical workshops are planned in collaboration with several of today’s leading experts, companies and organizations, including TikTok, Sid Lee, The Globe & Mail, the Gouvernement du Québec and the Ville de Montréal. Details will be announced in the coming days, so make sure to check the C2 Montréal programming schedule regularly.


Dive into a completely reimagined digital experience

A special effort was made this year to innovate and create new experiences online. The result was the creation of C2’s exciting new digital event platform, C2Agora, your gateway to all the online action taking place this year at C2 Montréal. In addition to live-streamed sessions, you’ll be able to access breakout rooms, your contact list, register for workshops, and view video on demand should you not be able to attend a talk you really wanted to catch. 


Enhanced networking features of C2Agora include Tag-Based Networking (find the right people for you at C2), Chat (like texting, only better), Schedule a Video Meet (exactly what it sounds like!), Polling (share your thoughts on a burning question) and Speaker Q&A (the ability to interact with speakers by asking questions during talks and masterclasses).



Of special note and interest is the brand new experience C2 Esplanade, presented by RBC. Located on the C2Agora platform, it’s an intuitive virtual networking space for people to come together to meet new friends and business partners, talk shop, learn and hang out with other participants. Think of it as a common, digital public space.


C2 Esplanade employs digital technology to facilitate virtual networking. Visitors to the Esplanade will have the ability to move around and approach other participants. The closer you get to people, the more you can hear them, and it all takes place in a welcoming, visually diverse space divided into topic-themed zones with lots to discover.


The Esplanade is a place where you can organically meet other participants, take part in conversations and make meaningful connections. You can add the people you meet to your network simply by clicking on their photo, which opens their profile and allows you to connect.

Moderators will be on hand to facilitate conversations during conference hours for all the three days of C2 Montréal.



Newly created, in-person signature experiences

Montreal’s utterly one-of-a-kind performance complex, TOHU, will be home to the refreshed in-person experience at C2 2021. TOHU is located in the heart of the Cité des arts du cirque, which is also home to C2 Montréal founding partner Cirque du Soleil. Renowned for its enchanting 360-degree performance hall, TOHU is a truly inspirational venue for creation and experimentation, making it an ideal setting for C2 Montréal.


TOHU, adjacent to Frédéric-Back Park (a vast green space dedicated to the environment and culture), will be the scene where C2’s new Signature Experiences take place. Signature Experiences are immersive learning or collaborative experiences designed to lift participants out of their comfort zone and spark creativity. They include the following:


  • kyu Conversation Café: Let our conversation baristas guide you through an array of topics that will be sure to inspire in a neighbourhood café–style setting. 
  • Speed Coaching: During this 30-minute experience with an elite business coach, expect to address powerful questions, tap into your inner wisdom, and perhaps leave with a whole new perspective.
  • Netwalking, presented by RBC: Bring your full self and all of your ideas outside in a park setting for a fresh-air “netwalking” adventure that will see the creation of new and meaningful connections. 
  • Mira Puppy Lounge: The Mira Puppy Lounge is a unique and playful space to spark creativity, foster new connections and, most importantly, unwind in the company of puppies.
  • The Loft: The Loft is an inviting space equipped with touchscreen tablets and headphones where up to 20 participants at a time can take part in online workshops.


And stay tuned: This year’s event marks a return to C2’s trademark infusion of art. All in-person programming and physical environments will feature a broad palette of artistic talents — musical performances, visual expositions, evocative environments, creative conversation starters and more — which will be revealed soon.


*Please note that in-person capacity is currently limited due to COVID-19 health restrictions. However, we remain hopeful that we may be able to expand access. Should you wish to purchase an in-person experience pass, please place your name on the waiting list.




Driving exponential change with C2²

In keeping with C2’s role advancing both business and society, we have launched a new, long-term initiative entitled C2². With the C2² program, C2 Montréal is committed to celebrating diversity in all its forms, elevating the next generation of youthful business leaders, assuming our role as an ally to the Indigenous business community, and being a vector of opportunities for underserved communities in order to stimulate real connections and drive tangible business.


Highlights of the C2² programming include the following:

  • Reimagining Canada’s economy through an Indigenous business lens, with Ghislain Picard, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador.
  • How science and technology can be a driver of social change: a fireside chat with 16-year-old innovator, inventor, author and STEM promoter Gitanjali Rao.
  • The power of purpose-driven and inclusive leadership, with Katherine (Katie) Dudtschak, Executive Vice President, Regional Banking, Personal and Commercial Banking, RBC. Conference presented by RBC.
  • Rebuilding the economy in an inclusive, sustainable and diversified way: a fireside chat with Isabelle Hudon, President and CEO, BDC.
  • How influencer culture is turning into social activism: hosted by Indigenous wellness advocate Kendra Jessie.


And we’re not done yet…

We’ve got more surprises in store: be sure to check the C2 Montréal programming schedule on our website regularly for updates. Also keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts in the coming weeks for even more speaker announcements and other programming reveals — you won’t want to miss them!


Don’t miss the boat!

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