Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest: Announcing the next wave of up-and-coming Quebec Entrepreneurs!

C2 Editorial Team

The Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest celebrates 25 of Quebec’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial talents. They are the next generation of bold and creative risk takers, driving progress and innovation, and contributing to the advancement of business in the province and beyond.

Since the contest’s inception in 2011, Claudine and Stephen Bronfman have championed entrepreneurship in Quebec by sponsoring the participation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs at C2 Montréal. From October 19 to 21, the winners will have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks and panels, take part in workshops and other collaborative sessions, and rub elbows with some of today’s top business and creative minds.

The 2021 winners of the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest include business leaders who are at the helm of some truly innovative technological advancements in the service of health, the environment, education and efficiency. Without further ado…

We Chalet

Dany Papineau

We Chalet is a next-generation online marketplace for eco-adventures that addresses the travel market’s segmentation via a “one-stop shop” for hosts and travellers. We are optimizing the reservation process of nature-based tourism by providing travellers with a place to access both remote properties and outdoor activities, and by allowing hosts to centralize all of their real estate operations.


Olivier Roy

Leav offers a cloud-based autonomous shopping solution for ecommerce. It combines the power of a smartphone with existing security technology such as cameras and RFID tech.



Jean-Sébastien Duguay

We are Centralio, a dynamic tech company and member of the Magog Technopole. We help companies get the most out of their digital platforms by connecting different systems through integration, automation and synchronization. These companies generate more profit thanks to our B2B sales platform, which allows for product configuration, and dynamic and interactive submissions.


James Lynn

Kalū offers quality dry food for dogs, and soon for cats. It comes in compostable packaging or in zero-waste formulas. We want to have a positive impact on the life of our clients, their pets and the planet by offering a local, accessible and eco-responsible alternative to the products that are available on the market.



Marie-Sophie Dionne

Nexam is a web platform that was conceived specifically for managing and correcting exams online, whether they are administered remotely or not. We set ourselves apart from e-learning platforms by specializing in evaluations, without compromising quality or integrity.


Off The Grid

Charles Couture-Lebrun

At Off The Grid, we offer a stationary bicycle built in Quebec that transforms energy into electricity. This electricity is then redistributed to your building’s grid, lowering your energy consumption in real time.



Julien Roy

NeuralDrive is a healthtech startup that specializes in recuperating motricity functions for people with medullary lesions, such as paraplegics and tetraplegics. Our implant stimulates the brain at the right time and the right place while patients try to effectuate a movement. The neurostimulation is optimized in real time thanks to AI and takes into consideration the initial situation of the patient as well as their progress. With time, the brain relearns to generate a signal strong enough for patients to regain their motricity function.

Eduplan Solutions

Nathalie Myara

Eduplan Solutions is a business specializing in education, health and social services tech. We provide different professionals, parents and students, and people with learning or other disabilities, intelligent platforms for the elaboration and management of intervention plans, as well as other relevant platforms and services. These services address critical needs by making accessible technologies available. They are powered by AI and by a professional follow-up system, as well as an interprofessional and intersectional collaboration process.



Timothée Régnier

Recharjme is an immersive and reenergizing relaxation cabin concept that allows users to disconnect and recharge at work. Our soundproof cabins create a highly immersive environment with a zero-gravity heating massage seat and a relaxation audio program. Reservations can be made via the Recharjme app, which is available on IOS and Android.



Isabelle Sciotto

Moka is the first musical toy made from real classical instruments, an innovation in a market where shrill and high-decibel sounds are usually heard. Moka offers the gift of authentic music that soothes and comforts toddlers. The sounds that come out of its belly are composed of the rich notes produced by piano, violin and cello. You can say goodbye to synthesizers, and instead enjoy the warmth of real classical music. The three Moka lullabies are 100% written, interpreted and recorded in Montreal by local artists.


Sports Ai

Tarik Agday

Sports Ai helps coaches and athletes analyze their performances in real time by using AI. Our solution offers the necessary tools to film sports events and is combined with a multiplatform application that allows athletes to follow their performance during competitions and sporting events.


Ditch Labs

Laurent Laferriere

Ditch Labs wishes to help one billion smokers worldwide get rid of their nicotine addiction and prevent this avoidable cause of death. Our medical nicotine vaporizer is non-toxic and connects itself to a mobile application that can personalize the patient’s treatment by collecting and analyzing their consumption metrics and other psychological markers.

Thirty-five percent of smokers who wish to quit turn to e-cigarettes. However, these devices are not conceived to help users get rid of their nicotine addiction, and we do not know if they can cause any long-term adverse effects. Ditch Labs is the first tech solution that combines pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and AI to help smokers quit.


Ora Medical

Sarah Lambert

Ora Medical’s mission is to facilitate readaptation for children with cerebral paralysis and other related ailments. Currently, there are no available tools to help children to develop their walk at home. Approximately 100,000 North American children are subjected to early deconditioning, and one in three children will lose the ability to walk before reaching adulthood. Additionally, they are more susceptible to developing chronic sicknesses such as diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease.

We are developing a new smart pediatric walking aid that will allow for the rehabilitation process to continue at home. The walking aid includes a unique technology that provides partial support and can detect the child’s level of fatigue. An AI-powered algorithm can readjust the support, allowing the child to progress at their own pace.


Dominic Guay-Gosselin

My passion for stand-up paddling and mechanical engineering has led me to develop an eco-friendly, made-in-Quebec paddle board. We replace glass fibres with linen fibres from a local supplier, which produces much less pollution. Our board is high performing, made locally, and requires much less energy to produce.

Matrius Technologies Inc.

Sévan Bouchy

Matrius enables continuous surveillance and security of critical energy infrastructure despite extreme conditions. Matrius offers MONITUS, a unique continuous infrastructure surveillance solution based on the most advanced materials and data analysis. It is a network of ultrasound detectors that are resistant to extreme temperatures (up to 600°C) and equipped with a wireless transmission system. This system collects big data and performs continual AI analysis to offer real-time information on the state of the infrastructure. It prevents accidents, offers precise predictions for shut-down periods and the necessary maintenance to avoid costly blackouts, and ensures safe operations.

Azimut Medical

Maxime Bolduc

Every year, more than 300,000 elderly people suffer from hip fractures. These fractures cost the healthcare system more than $15 billion and lead to over 70,000 deaths every year. Azimut Medical is solving this issue by developing a smart belt that detects falls and can automatically deploy an inflatable bag around the hips to prevent fractures. By combining the latest machine learning technologies with sensorial developments and innovative pneumatics, we can protect the elderly from fracturing their hips no matter what their activity.

Elo Mentoring

Catherine Légaré

Elo Mentoring offers affordable and bilingual digital mentoring solutions for companies, universities, organizations and associations. Recruiting mentors and mentorees, pairing users, managing programs and measuring performance is made easy by the Elo application. It allows for the professional growth of employees, all while reducing a company’s attrition costs. Our vision is to democratize the practice of mentorship to allow professionals from all walks of life to become more fulfilled at work.

Hoola One

Jean-David Lantagne

Ninety-seven percent of floating plastics found in the ocean end up on beaches, polluting some of the most beautiful shores in the world. This garbage has important consequences for ecosystems, human health and the economy of local communities that rely on tourism. Existing machinery cannot collect small plastic particles (microplastics), is intrusive to the ecosystem and doesn’t work on rugged shores. The team at Hoola One has developed innovative and effective solutions to clean plastic-polluted areas and restore beaches to their natural state.


Maxime Villemure

At Spaceful, we’re on a mission to help thousands of ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world get 50% of their time back by assisting them with their logistics so they can focus on making the buyer happy instead of dealing with logistics, picking, packing and shipping boxes. We’re building services, a platform ecosystem and digital experiences that will enable every merchant to offer a frictionless and mesmerizing logistics experience to the buyer.


Kashif Khan

PLAKK is a Montreal-based medtech startup with a mission to revolutionize the prediction, treatment and prevention of heart attacks and strokes. PLAKK focuses on the development of image analysis software platforms for clinical research and healthcare applications. These platforms harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide a more accurate, accessible and faster approach to improve how researchers and clinicians worldwide characterize atherosclerotic plaque features and instability. With a more accurate diagnosis of unstable plaques, we will improve clinical decision-making for patients at risk of a heart attack or stroke.


Dave Pouliot

Coinmiles is the world’s leader in Bitcoin rewards. We reward our users when they shop online or in-store at over 1,000 partners and when they travel at more than 900,000 hotels worldwide.


Gabriele Capilli

At SevenTM, we discover drugs by utilizing machine learning that weeds out invalid candidates due to toxicity in contrast to other organizations that focus on efficacy and view toxicity as a “side effect” of their product. Even a 5% improvement in toxicity in drugs on the market would be worth billions and have infinite value when it comes to the lives of patients. Our state-of-the-art cloud platform allows your R&D team to harness machine-learning-powered quantum physics for unprecedented computational bioinformatic accuracy. Our platform speeds up the time to clinical trials, reducing the cost of new, innovative therapeutic development.


Pierre Tardivo Martin

Musculoskeletal-related chronic pain affects one in three Canadians and one in two Americans, and costs $600B USD in the US alone. Cratos connects its members to physiotherapists and other relevant professionals, allowing them to communicate remotely via chat and 1:1 live sessions when needed. Members are entered into a program and given exercises that are personalized to their current recovery needs. A professional is always one chat away to answer any questions and to make sure the member stays motivated throughout their program.


Lucas Beland

Goloot‘s vision is to transform the way their audiences interact with brands and aims to define the advertising experience of tomorrow. Our product powers shoppable experiences in the world’s best apps and websites by rewarding users with brand offers for their everyday online behaviour. Whether you’re running outside with your favourite jogging app, playing your favourite games online or consuming content, Goloot is there to reward you with instantly redeemable offers from the brands you love, like a $10 Simons gift card or 20% off your next purchase at Nike. Our successful campaigns demonstrate eight times more engagement from users than traditional digital ads and have sparked international interest in our solution.


Naeem Komeilipoor

AAVAA is creating hearing aids that allow users to enhance what they want to hear simply by concentrating on it. This device fuses cutting-edge advances in neuroscience, AI, advanced audio signal processing, embedded system design and material science to understand what sounds the user is listening to by interpreting brain and biosignals. The device uses the attention signal to identify specific sounds and enhance them. To understand the user and their sound environment, we are developing novel brain sensors, biosignal and acoustic processing algorithms that identify sounds of interest. They work together in our neuro-steered audio system, or separately as independent licensed modules for different applications.


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