Ladies and gentlemen: the 3-day schedule is out

Months of research, planning and booking have come to fruition. Scheduling 56 talks and panels, 24 masterclasses and 45 workshops across a minute-by-minute 3-day schedule is no small feat, and what we proudly present to you today is the result of thousands of phone calls, countless meetings, what feels like millions of emails, and hours and hours of lost sleep by the entire C2 team.

The schedule is now online, here.

We are so proud we decided to make a poster out of it (see below).

40% of speakers are women

Speaking of ladies and gentlemen, we are also proud to say that we have hit the 40% mark this year in terms of women/men speaking on stage: out of our 84 speakers, panelists and moderators, 34 are women. That’s 5% in the right direction: the same steady annual increase we’ve managed to achieve every year since our first edition in 2012.