Why text and drive when “It Can Wait”?

ESTHER LEE (Senior Vice President – Brand Marketing and Advertising at AT&T) WILL SPEAK AT C2MTL 2014.   Esther Lee on the concept behind the “It Can Wait” campaign:  “Movements require purity of purpose. We started out with one goal, ‘to stop texting & driving and to save lives.’ We actually did it even though […]

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“No idea is good forever.”

As part of C2MTL’s “Partner Portrait” series, meet Jon Arklay. First thing in the morning… I have my coffee & yogurt then go for a brisk walk with my dog which helps energize me for the day ahead. I always carry… My iPhone and as little of anything else as possible. The environment that inspires me […]

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C2MTL and MASSIVart reveal the five winners of the Content Visualization program

Montréal, April 1, 2014 — Today, C2MTL and the MASSIVart organization announce the names of the five winners of the Content Visualization program, presented by Bell Média, an initiative offering five artists a space to create works or installations that actualize the immaterial by evoking subjects and remarks experienced during the three days of the […]

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Emerging entrepreneurs at C2MTL

  Are you  an entrepreneur with an innovative business plan? APPLY to The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation contest by Friday, April 4, 2014, at 5:00 PM: http://c2montreal.com/program-2014/#bronfman   Quotes by previous winners below… LP Maurice, CEO & co-founder, Busbud « Before C2MTL…I was leading a young travel startup of 5 employees looking to reinvent the intercity […]

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“The Guide for Inquiring Minds” CONTEST!

Gift a question to “The Guide for Inquiring Minds” for a chance to win a copy of the latest limited edition book of C2MTL. WHAT? Submit one question.  Get inspired by the 8 questions that make up our guide* to date. 1. If my “Newton Moment” never comes, do I have a plan B? 2. Do I […]

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Forbes contributor George Bradt at C2MTL 2013

The holy grail of innovation is the moment of sudden breakthrough. But those moments don’t happen in vacuums. As suggested by some of the top names in business [at the C2MTL] conference in Montreal, you must: 1) prepare in advance 2) focus on solving problems  3) follow through to turn ideas into reality and stay […]

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The guide for inquiring minds

Dear C2MTL Community, At the beginning of a New Year, many of us feel strongly attracted to the idea of reinvention in order to explore different business strategies that can challenge our creative thinking. And more often than not, we summon the usual suspects for guidance: Who? What? When? Where? and How? At C2MTL, we celebrate […]

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Denis Gagnon

C2MTL: Jouez-vous au travail? Denis Gagnon: « En ce moment, malheureusement je ne joue pas, seulement avec mes soldats de bois que je me suis amusé à habiller et repeindre, mais lorsque je crée une collection, je m’amuse et joue beaucoup! » C2MTL: Votre collaboration de rêve? Denis Gagnon: « Faire une ligne pour H&M. » […]

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E-180: A new brain-sharing, people-meeting social platform…

You are a font of knowledge. You can navigate the subtleties of Vietnamese cuisine while debating the qualitative merits of Apple vs. Android while replacing the cartridge faucets in your kitchen sink while hiking up a mountain backwards in a blizzard. You have a lot to share, but maybe the finer points of Sufi mysticism […]

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Safari camping Virgin style

A visual gallery of Sir Richard Branson‘s latest luxury retreat, Mahali Mzuri – Masai for beautiful place – situated within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the East African Plains of Kenya. A few fast facts extracted from the recently published article in the Financial Times, “Camping with Branson” by Carole Cadwalladr: http://c2m.tl/13oFUU2 Mahali Mzuri officially opens August […]

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