Safari camping Virgin style

A visual gallery of Sir Richard Branson‘s latest luxury retreat, Mahali Mzuri – Masai for beautiful place – situated within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the East African Plains of Kenya. A few fast facts extracted from the recently published article in the Financial Times, “Camping with Branson” by Carole Cadwalladr: Mahali Mzuri officially opens August […]

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C2-MTL’s global marketing panel: Taking "universal truths" mobile

One of the fundamentals of marketing to a world as diverse as it is round is sticking to basic “universal truths” that resonate across continents and cultures, says Emmanuel Seuge, Head of Global Sports and Entertainment Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company.   In Coke’s case, Seuge says that key universal truth is “happiness.” The genius […]

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EYE50 win a "life-changing" moment for Aussie designer, Hollie Baigent

She may live Down Under, but Hollie Baigent is currently sitting pretty on top of a world that she’s determined to help. As the 23-year-old industrial design graduate puts it, “I feel like I’ve had a bite of candy apple and now nothing really adds up to it. I want more.”   Baigent is now […]

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C2-MTL 2013 closes with homegrown glamour, grace, and grooves

What better way to cap off three days of conversations about conscious capitalism, the potential pitfalls of Big Data, and the advent of computers developing eyes and ears, than to let all of these potent knowledge bites simmer in participants’ noggins as they take in an evening of bold fashion and infectious music hooks, served up […]

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High-flying C2-MTL bootcamp proposal gets thumbs up from Sir Richard Branson

Since 1971, two trillion dollars have been spent to fight the war on drugs (WOD). Yet nothing has happened to stop the onslaught of death and destruction caused by both the illicit distribution of these substances, and the lives ruined because of rampant criminalization and persecution of those who carry, use or purvey. But what […]

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Go deep with James Cameron at C2-MTL 2014

C2-MTL’s program for 2014 is off to a blockbuster start with the confirmation of legendary filmmaker and envelope-pushing explorer, James Cameron. While best known for his work writing and directing such groundbreaking box office hits as Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator and Avatar, Cameron’s fascination with the ocean depths has also established him as one of […]

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John Mackey gets TACTILE

Whole Foods Co-founder and CEO John Mackey is dedicated to creating a culture of conscious capitalism. “Corporations are seen as being motivated by greed,” he says, but “the greatest businesses have a sense of higher purpose.” Mackey lays out his purpose in seven tenets that he’s dubbed TACTILE: Trust, Accountability, Caring, Transparency, Integrity, Loyalty and […]

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Bird? Plane? Lufa Farms!

Shout it from the rooftops, Mohamed! The age of landless farming is here. Take a commercial building with a large, flat, heat-absorbing roof. Add in several architects, a few engineers and a whole lot of moxy from a young upstart with dreams to spare. Take out reliance on government subsidies, the city water supply, synthetic […]

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All aboard the good ship C2-MTL

C2-MTL starts today, and it’s going to be huge. From a purely physical point of view, it certainly already is, filling more than 40,000 square feet of the breathtaking Arsenal, a former Victorian shipyard turned contemporary art gallery in Montreal’s historic Griffintown neighbourhood. For the next three days, C2-MTL’s custom-built workshops, meeting rooms, lounges and […]

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Guest post by Bureau de la mode de Montréal

May 21 to 23, lovers of fashion and beauty will all have their eyes set on Montréal, as some of the industry’s most influential figures come out for the second edition of C2‑MTL. Diane von Furstenberg, Elle Macpherson, Bobbi Brown and Blake Mycoskie—each one a model of success and innovation—will give talks on such varied topics as transformations in business, […]

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