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The road to Reinvention begins #behindC2

Since C2’s inception, we’ve made it our mission to bring bold leaders, audacious entrepreneurs, and innovative creators such as yourself together under one big umbrella to help tackle the pressing business and societal challenges of our times. Little did we know then about the great challenge we would all be facing today. Now more than ever, the necessity of convening around a question, pooling our collective knowledge and striving for a solution has never been greater.

Embracing change has always been a central tenet of the C2 belief system, and amidst all that is evolving right now, so is C2.

We are at the very beginning of a thorough REINVENTION. While still a work-in-progress, in the lead-up to the next edition of C2 Montréal we’ll be tapping into our “glocal” ecosystem of experts to help reshape the C2 experience and redefine the way we convene. We’re harnessing the creativity of our extended community, developing unique digital offerings and technological tools, and planning a number of new, interactive online initiatives and events that will put you at the centre of the action. From a safe distance.


The journey towards REINVENTION

Specifically, prior to the next edition of the full three-day C2 Montréal event, we are adding enhanced digital content across several online platforms, giving you access to deeper learning, heightened networking and expanded community engagement throughout the year.

One of the new platforms we’re excited to announce is the just-launched C2 Q: COMMUNITY GROUP on Facebook, a cross-disciplinary discussion space for everyday creatives, C2 die-hards, entrepreneurial spirits and anyone willing to share their ideas as we navigate these unprecedented times (learn more). Another is the upcoming first instalment of the interactive, online C2 CONVERSATIONS – LIVE series, a look at post-pandemic possibilities and what the future may hold through the eyes of renowned experts (details below).

In tandem with these new initiatives, part of our REINVENTION journey is also working closely with highly engaged participants in a proof-of-concept manner so that, with their valuable input and ideas, we can shape and refine our platforms and evolve the C2 experience.

There will be no solutions to problems posed by the pandemic without creativity. And if not the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, we’re most certainly seeing the beginning of the path forward. We invite you to join us on this journey.


Let’s start by having a conversation


From May 27-29 (the original dates for C2 Montréal 2020), C2 will launch the first in its series of online C2 CONVERSATIONS – LIVE with the goal of sharing insight, thought leadership and starting a conversation around some of the most important issues we are all facing today.

The C2 CONVERSATIONS – LIVE series consists of three curated Facebook Live conversations (one per day) featuring high-profile industry leaders, world-renowned speakers and field-leading experts sharing their insights and experience. Topics for these conversations will fall under the following themes: Science & Technology, Society & Environment, and Art & Design.

Each session is 40-minutes long and audiences will have the opportunity to interact with speakers through a Q&A component at the conclusion of the conversation.



Wednesday May 27 programming: Ritika Gunnar and Tammy Lucas

Tammy Lucas leads the Best Western marketing and advertising teams by setting the strategy and direction for key deliverables in brand marketing and advertising, rewards, digital marketing, partnerships and more. At IBM, Ritika Gunnar and her team help organizations implement AI using deep knowledge-based methodologies to accelerate AI adoption and capabilities.


Thursday May 28 programming: Jean-Martin Fortier and Marie-Claude Lortie
Photo credit Marie-Claude Lortie: Josée Lecompte

Jean-Martin Fortier has made it his mission to educate and empower the next generation of farmers by showing them how to harness the power of farm design, agro-ecology and permaculture technology to build profitable farming systems. A renowned food critic and journalist with newspaper La Presse for over 30 years, Marie-Claude Lortie is passionate about all things food.
*This conversation will take place in French


Friday May 29 programming: Marian Goodell and Jean-François Bouchard

Marian Goodell leads Burning Man Project’s efforts to extend the Burning Man ethos globally in pursuit of a more creative and connected world. Jean-François Bouchard has carved out global positions for both creative agency Sid Lee and C2 by advocating a multidisciplinary approach that breaks down barriers between disciplines.


Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to hear world-class experts tackle the issues of the day, May 27-29.



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Special thanks: Canada government, Québec government, City of Montréal