The Takeaways 2019

C2 team
The Takeaways 2019

Welcome to The Takeaways — top learnings, thinking and inspiration that emerged during the three days of C2 Montréal 2019. Tech-savvy artist, “badass” marketing superstar Bozoma Saint John, filmmaking revolutionary Spike Lee, Apple Retail titan Angela Ahrendts, hard-charging climate activist Jamie Margolin and top chef/diversity champion Marcus Samuelsson are among the many sharing their insights and expertise in these essential readings.


In The Takeaways you will find:
  • a selection of the top action items and themes that came out of C2 Montréal 2019
  • insights into the hot topics, trends and forces shaping business and society
  • learnings to help you spark important conversations with your teams, clients and stakeholders
  • big ideas that leaders of industry, art and business are talking about right now while providing a window into tomorrow
  • the inspiring stories of many who have overcome significant obstacles in their personal and professional journeys