Time to assign passes and “klik” into action

A few exciting things happened today. We released the final speaker announcement, together with the full detailed programming of C2 Montréal.

But today marks another important date on the C2 calendar:

Now is the time for ticket holders to assign each ticket to actual participants.


What does this mean?

It means that if you have purchased tickets on behalf of, or to distribute to, any colleagues, clients or friends, you need to make sure you assign every single ticket to an actual person, including yourself. If you do not do so, neither you nor your guests will be able to access the site, let alone do all the fun stuff a C2 participant does.


So what should you do?

– If you are responsible for C2 tickets (including your own), check in your inbox and follow the link to the invite platform to assign your tickets today.
– If someone else bought a ticket on your behalf, check your inbox for your pass confirmation, accept the pass, and follow the link to manage the info that should appear on your badge.

If someone bought a ticket on your behalf and you still haven’t received an invitation to manage your access pass, then it might be a good idea to send them a friendly reminder.

What next? klik, that’s what

Once you are dully assigned a pass, you will be directed to klik, which gives your access to all the fun stuff. Thanks to the combined genius of PixMob, e180 and Connect&GO, the C2 klik platform and smart badge allow you to:

– book braindates with fellow C2 participants
– plan your agenda, including registering for limited-capacity activities like workshops and masterclasses (coming soon!)
– “klik” your badge with that of a fellow participant to see their contact info show up on your online timeline
– magically pay by scanning your badge

See you on klik!