What will TOMORROW bring? 6 stories that inspire you to take action

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TOMORROW is here — time for action

TOMORROW is C2 Montréal’s theme in 2019, a year of personal responsibility, of knowing that big government and big tech — and big ideas by themselves — won’t be our salvation. It’s a year for finding the creativity and drive required within ourselves before getting down to the business of making change collectively, collaboratively and concretely.

As American whistleblower, and C2 2018 speaker, Chelsea Manning put it, “a lot of problems are reinforced because there’s an expectation that someone will fix them. Nobody does. It’s our individual responsibility to do something.”

So what can you do? Read on. The following features offer practical approaches, actionable advice and a good ol’ dose of inspiration from those already working the fields for a better tomorrow.


Making big tech society-centric

Chelsea Manning, Big data, big problems: It’s time for an ethical tech manifesto

Chelsea adds her voice to a growing chorus of technologists, experts and activists making a case for programming moral codes into tech development.


Investing in Earth


Rethinking our structures

The programmable materials revolutionizing manufacturing

Small acts can overhaul big systems. Whether it’s reimagining manufacturing with natural materials or cleaning up your supply chain, you can start today.


Walking the talk

Solar Impulse’s Bertrand Piccard on how big ideas take flight

Challenge the people who say it can’t be done. Change the paradigm. Cultivate creative approaches. From the man who flew ’round the world on solar power, this last story is about kicking down the doors and showing the world what’s possible.



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