There’s a lot going on during the 3 days of C2 Montréal 2021, so we’ve made this guide to better prepare you for your experience:

What is C2 Montréal 2021?

Activities taking place at C2 Montréal 2021

How to use the event platform

Steps to follow before, during and after the event

We believe (Re) speaks powerfully to this moment in time. After an unprecedented period of over 18 months that has presented enormous challenges both personally and professionally, we can now be optimistic. It’s time to (Re)convene, (Re)connect, (Re)engage, (Re)imagine and (Re)new.

Marketing & Media
Brand experts, broadcasters, retailers and storytellers have quite the brief these days. Competing for a fractured audience that has a seemingly unlimited choice of content (and increasingly shorter attention spans) means landing the narrative (and making an impact) is a defining challenge. Meanwhile, the traditional pathways and tools of marketing, media and entertainment are in flux. Finding and successfully using new ways of reaching and engaging tomorrow’s audience is critical. With the old terms of engagement out the window, learning new strategies from intrepid brand explorers, influencers and content wizards is as important as ever.

Leadership & Talent
In the brave new world of work, technological advancements, unique markets and a liquid workforce have made business-as-usual almost unrecognizable. Meanwhile, the struggle to find, keep and optimize talent is real. Since agile leadership is imperative to success (and becoming a great boss takes time and energy), learning from the best in the biz is a sound investment in your future. Finding new ways to adapt and thrive in a shifting work environment is critical. Embracing creativity, empowering teams and realizing bold visions for a prosperous and inclusive company starts with you.

Art & Design
Artfully engaging with contemporary challenges, creatives play a critical role in making sense of the world. As teachers, visionaries, agitators and iconoclasts, those who dedicate their lives to shifting perspectives and expanding our universe help nurture creative strengths and impulses in others — and inspire us to reinvent approaches to business, too.

Science & Technology
We’re standing on the cusp of a dramatic transformation in the way we work, communicate and move through the world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing, gene editing, cryptocurrency, robotics and other game-changing tech is here — and it’s time to use it. Practically applying these tools to activate the opportunities and possibilities that come with them is front-of-mind for business leaders looking forward. Tap into world-renowned researchers, technologists, philosophers and entrepreneurs. Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind.

Society & Environment
True leaders set out to better understand our increasingly interconnected world. From cities to climate change, mobility to moonshots, food security to shifting geopolitical landscapes, knowing where you stand in the rapidly changing ecosystems of contemporary life is more important than ever. Civil society champions, city builders, peacemakers, reformers and environmentalists will be sharing their common-sense approaches, policy initiatives and take-no-prisoners ambitions to inspire you to action. Rising to both global and local challenges, seizing opportunities to bring about real change, and saving the planet are on the to-do list.

The recipient of numerous awards, C2 International convenes communities all around the world. Its flagship event, C2 Montréal, has been voted the #1 business conference for four consecutive years. Much more than a business conference, C2 offers progressive and inspiring content in a highly creative environment through enhanced digital content, in-depth learning, dynamic networking activities and a highly engaged community of individuals.

This year, C2 Montréal returns with a reimagined experience featuring an all-new event platform, greater connecting opportunities, enhanced collaborative sessions and more, both online and, for a limited number of pass holders, in person. All of this in addition to the top-tier speakers, solution-oriented workshops, deep-diving masterclasses, captivating artistic performances and exclusive experiences that C2 Montréal participants have come to expect.

C2 Montréal brings together visionary leaders who want to shape the future of business and explore the creative ties at the intersection of business, art, science, society, technology and more. They come here to be inspired, meet exceptional people and find concrete solutions to current and future challenges in an inclusive, completely unique environment.

C2 Montréal 2021 takes place both online and in person from Tuesday, October 19 to Thursday, October 21. The online component of C2 Montréal takes place virtually on all-new digital event platform C2Agora.

(The in-person component, for a limited number of ticket holders, takes place at one-of-a-kind performance venue TOHU, 2345 Rue Jarry E, Montreal, located in the heart of the Cité des arts du cirque.)

  • Inspiring talks

C2 Montréal speakers are an engaging mix of business innovators, groundbreaking creatives and field-leading experts as well as the next generation of bold, change-making voices. Their talks are an invitation to find inspiration in their stories and an open doorway into deeper exploration of the topics raised.

Pro tip: C2 Montréal speakers often include a Q&A period at their conferences. Don’t hesitate to ask them something!

  • Masterclasses

C2’s expert-led masterclasses are interactive meetups designed to bring experts and participants closer together around topical subject matter and turn words into action. 

  • Workshops

Offered in collaboration with experts, a broad range of hands-on workshops invite particpants to roll up their sleeves and work with others in prototyping sessions that address real-world business challenges, experiment with new creative processes and put ideas into practice.

  • C2 Esplanade, presented by RBC

Located on the C2Agora platform, C2 Esplanade is an intuitive virtual networking space for people to come together to meet new friends and business partners, talk shop, learn and hang out with other participants. Think of it as a common, digital public space.

C2 Esplanade employs digital technology to facilitate virtual networking. Visitors to the C2 Esplanade will have the ability to move around and approach other participants. The closer you get to people, the more you can hear them, and it all takes place in a welcoming, visually diverse space divided into topic-themed zones with lots to discover.

The Esplanade is a place where you can organically meet other participants, take part in conversations and make meaningful connections. You can add the people you meet to your network simply by clicking on their photo, which opens their profile and allows you to connect. Moderators will be on hand to facilitate conversations during conference hours for all the three days of C2 Montréal.

  • Networking

Each year, C2 brings together a large and diverse community of forward thinkers from many different disciplines and industries. C2Agora’s range of enhanced networking functions allows participants who share interests to connect with one another through chats or video meetups.

Pro tip: We strongly encourage you to register for activities before you attend so that you secure your spot and they appear in your agenda. Note that online talks and masterclasses have unlimited capacity. However, workshops are limited to 100 participants to allow for a more personal experience.

C2Agora is C2’s digital event platform and your gateway to all the online action taking place this year at C2 Montréal. C2Agora is designed to provide you with a unique experience: this is where you will access the programming, attend various activities, connect with other participants and more! 

You will have access to the platform as of mid-October, 2021, and it will remain accessible until November 21, 2021. You’ll also have access to past video content in the On Demand section in order to re-watch the sessions you loved and catch up on the ones you missed.

The C2Agora platform was built to host unique activities and facilitate exchanges between C2 participants.

Here are the features of the platform:

  • LIVE: Attend a live conference
  • PROGRAMMING: Consult the programming and sign up for activities
  • AGENDA: Create an easily accessible personal agenda by registering for activities that interest you
  • NETWORKING: Meet others and network
    • Connect with someone directly by searching for their name, title, company, interests
    • Message the person you want to connect with
    • Note that when connecting with a participant, they will only receive your first message
  • CONTACT: Consult your list of contacts and communicate with them using this tab
  • C2 ESPLANADE presented by RBC: An intuitive virtual networking space with 9 different environments where you can connect with other C2 participants
  • PARTNERS: Discover the event partners and their activities
  • ON DEMAND: Watch or revisit past conferences 
  • CHAT: Interact with others during your activities using the chat feature

Pro tip #1: For the best experience, make sure you have access to a reliable wireless internet network (15 Mbps or more) and use an up-to-date version of your web browser. The platform is optimized for current versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Pro tip #2: The use of a headset is advised.

You can access the platform through the link sent to your email address when you confirm your participation. You can also access it by logging on to with your login and password, or directly from our website by clicking on the white figure on the top navigation bar, which will redirect you to the sign-in page. 

Pro tip #1: Find your login email by searching for this address:

Pro tip #2: To optimize your participation, make sure you have access to a reliable wireless internet network (15 Mbps or more) and use an up-to-date version of your web browser. The platform is optimized for current versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Your personality will radiate through your profile on the event platform, and it can be seen and consulted by all C2 participants. The information you share will inspire participants to interact with you, mainly through the expertise and interests fields that we ask you to fill out. 

We recommend that you complete your profile by adding your profile picture and filling in the mandatory fields — they will be useful for optimizing your networking experience. Please note that you can modify your information at any time.

This year, you have several options for exploring the program in a more personalized way and identifying the activities that best meet your business objectives and interests. Here is how we recommend you proceed in order to maximize your experience at C2 Montréal 2021.

Step 1: Define your objectives

You can consult the complete program of the online edition by clicking on Programming, located in the top navigation bar. Then, on the right-hand side of the screen, you can use keywords to filter the results or search sessions by interest, subject or session type.

Step 2: Refine results by activity type

Ideally, we recommend that you select a mix of conferences and collaborative activities to participate in. However, if you prefer to stick to a particular type of activity, use the keywords “Conference” “Workshop”  or “Masterclass” to display the corresponding activities.

Contact our eConcierge team at or contact them directly in the C2Agora platform using the Need help? tool . They are eager to share their knowledge of our programming and the platform, and can give suggestions or advice about how to prepare for a memorable experience.

You can book private meetings with different participants using the Book private meeting feature in the Agenda tab. Before inviting people, make sure you are connected to their profiles. Then you can add a title to your meeting, a description, a date and time, and the number of participants you want to include. Each invited participant will receive an email notification. 

In addition to helping you discover and navigate the event platform, our eConcierges can provide suggestions for newcomers and answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to seek them out if you need assistance or clarification navigating the platform, or for any general questions regarding C2 Montréal 2021.

Please note that during conferences, the eConcierges will be taking on the role of chat moderators, guiding and responding to any questions — don’t be shy to interact with them.

Summed up, the role of the eConcierges is to be of service to you, so please be sure to make good use of them. You can communicate with our eConcierges directly by email at .

For all technical issues, please contact our technical support team directly at .

Ready, set… go!


A few days before the event
  • Familiarize yourself with the platform, build your agenda by bookmarking events or registering, connect with others and plan private meetings to share your knowledge with other participants


During the event:
  • Log in to your activity a few minutes before it begins
  • Connect and engage with other participants
  • Send messages to participants you are connected with through the chat option
  • Collaborate and interact during conferences and workshops by asking questions through the Q&A feature
  • Explore the C2 Esplanade to meet new people in a playful and laidback space.
  • Most importantly, be prepared for an unforgettable experience!


After the event:

  • For 30 days after the event you can still access the C2Agora platform to review the sessions in the On demand tab. You have access until November 21
  • Your feedback is valuable. Please fill out the short post-event survey that we will email to you in the days following the conclusion of C2 Montréal 2021.
  • Tell us what you thought of your experience by email at  or in the event platform chat. We’re always happy to hear from you!

On behalf of the entire C2 Montréal team, we can’t wait for you to experience this year’s edition, and we’re looking forward to seeing you very soon!