10 apps that maximize your productivity

C2 Editorial Team
10 apps that maximize your productivity

Optimize your time. Stimulate your creativity. Prioritize your tasks. Eliminate distractions. Free up some space in your head… Whatever your resolutions for the new business or school year, these 10 handy applications will help you become your best productive self.




1. Pocket (iOS/Android)

Each day, we are inundated with stories, videos and news of all kinds. Pocket can help organize that noise and curate content that truly interests you, regardless of the device, application or website where it originated. From there, you can take the time to dive into your interests when the mood strikes.



2. Toggl (iOS/Android)

Toggl allows you to track your time: where you are investing it, what you are doing with it and how you could better use it. Do you want to be more productive in the office and on the road, or are you just curious to know how much time you spend on projects that don’t pay off? This pocket assistant can help you focus on the really important tasks at hand.



3. Life Cycle (iOS/Android: N/A)

In a similar vein, this app is perfect for those of us who are averse to wasting time. Life Cycle will help you focus and become aware of how you spend your days, the activities you do and the places and people you visit, presenting all the data in graphic formats.



4. Evernote (iOS/Android)

Create handwritten notes and sketches on your phone. Scan Post-its. Add photos, images, audio memos or hyperlinks to your to-do list. Organize your ideas and access them in the blink of an eye from any device. Share your documents with colleagues. Evernote is the ultimate digital notebook.



5. Peak (iOS/Android)

Do you want to use your free time to strengthen your memory, language skills and critical thinking? Offering a variety of games and puzzles developed by neuroscientists and game experts, Peak is a bit like an intellectual personal trainer. Fill your metro journeys and time between meetings in a constructive way.


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6. Brainsparker (iOS/Android: N/A)

Need a jolt of inspiration? Brainsparker is full of quotes, images, questions and suggestions to spark creative thinking. It’s an ideal app for overcoming blank page syndrome and inspiring new ideas.



7. Habit-Bull (iOS/Android)

If it’s true that our habits shape us, we might as well give ourselves the means to cultivate good ones. Habit-Bull allows you to schedule reminders for each habit you want to reinforce or for tasks you need to perform regularly. Both a planning tool and a to-do list, this app is very effective at reminding us of everything we promised ourselves we’d do (like drinking two litres of water a day).



8. Bear (iOS/Android: N/A)

Whether you’re a blogger, web developer, student, aspiring author or editor on your own time, this application provides all kinds of organization and editing tools that can help you write quickly, export and share texts in a variety of formats.



9. Noizio (iOS/Android)

Studies indicate some sounds help us stay focused. Based on this principle, the Noizio app provides the perfect soundtrack to increase your productivity. Are you the type who enjoys working in a crowded café or prefers the tranquility of nature? It’s up to you. And if you’re undecided, it even allows you to create your own mix of ambient sounds.




10. Tap In (iOS/Android: N/A)

Performing well is good, but to be truly effective, you also need to take time to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Tap In offers short, professionally guided meditation sessions designed to be listened to wherever you happen to be. The principle is simple: all you have to do is concentrate on your breathing by watching soothing bubbles float on your screen. No advertising or subscription offer will disturb your peace. The only requirement is that you devote 10 minutes to your well-being.



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