5 pro tips for networking at C2

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5 pro tips for networking at C2

Looking for the low-down on how to home-run your 72-hour networking marathon at C2 Montréal 2019? We’ve got you covered. For starters: stock up on business cards, practise your Grip’n’GrinTM, and dust off your deck of tactical conversation starters… just kidding! At C2, you can leave all of that behind.

So, networking…

A significant part of C2’s ongoing efforts to reinvent connection and collaboration involve throwing out most of the conventions (that no one seems to like much anyway) that characterized old-school “networking.” Instead, the emphasis is on helping facilitate substantive connections between humans that perhaps didn’t know that they needed to meet.

Here are five things intended to help you connect with your fellow C2 travellers this year.


1. Get experimental in Labs

Whether you’re trancing out in a yurt while wearing a brainwave scanner, or buckled into a chair 30 feet in the air, or teaming up with strangers to solve puzzles in order to escape a locked room, the Labs have been a standout at C2 for years.

C2 Labs offer atypical learning and brainstorming experiences in unique environments designed to take participants out of their usual frame of reference. Labs create the ideal conditions for new perspectives to emerge, and for truly effortless conversation with fellow Lab participants, or those who’ve already experienced it or are considering doing so.


2. Take yourself on a Braindate

Let’s be honest: networking isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Some feel plainly powerless when it comes time to strike up a conversation with a stranger; others simply dread the prospect of a conversation turning into a sales pitch.

Enter Braindates, where you could meet your business soulmate, or maybe even a new best friend. Each year, Braindates connect thousands of attendees who are interested in sharing their knowledge and learning from others in peer-to-peer meetups arranged through the Braindate app (and some become very good at it). And don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin — a crack team of expert matchmakers will point you in the right direction.


3. Unplug and “klik” with new friends

Leave your laptop at the hotel and park your cell phone in your pocket — C2 provides a painless opportunity to disconnect from your tech and ignore its siren allure.

Your smart badge, powered by PixMob’s connection platform klik, will handle all the logistics of networking: simply “klik” your badge with another participant’s to see their contact info show up in your timeline and vice versa. You can also use it to book Braindates. So save your phone for photos, and free yourself up for the next surprise, activity or introduction.


4. Collaborate in workshops

Taking in talks and panels is but one (albeit important) aspect of your C2 experience — it’s collaboration that will bring you closer to other participants, literally. A broad range of workshops invite you to roll up your sleeves in prototyping sessions that address real-world business challenges, experiment with new creative processes and put ideas into practice.

Shared problem, shared goal, shared learning — an amazing way to get to know your tablemates as you work together under the guidance of world-class experts.


5. Explore the C2 village

And last but far from least: From programming to environment design to artistic installations and performances, the C2 village is purpose-built to spark curiosity and conversation while instilling a singular feeling of having journeyed someplace far away from your day-to-day life.

It’s not hard to break the ice with the person next to you when you’re both craning your necks up at the circus artist who suddenly appeared high above your heads, or you’re immersing yourselves in the same interactive artwork, or are lining for the same next-level food truck fare, or are grooving to the same live music. Even the uniquely appointed washrooms can be an effective conversation starter, as you will doubtless find out.


What’s that they say about those who hesitate?
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