8 learnings from the #C2Takeover with Dax Dasilva

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8 learnings from Dax Dasilva
We were pleased to welcome Lightspeed CEO and Founder of Never Apart Dax Dasilva for a #C2Takeover on July 9 to explore the four pillars of a well-rounded career — leadership, culture, nature and spirituality — outlined in his debut book, Age of Union. Here are the greatest lessons learned from his interview with communications strategist Martine St-Victor.


Find your spiritual centre.

“Spirituality is something we don’t talk about because there is a lack of modern ways to talk about it,” Dax said. “The more we have that spiritual core, the more it can take us through the ups and downs of the big projects in life.

“[When you] behave in a way that is spiritual, it means that you act with compassion and empathy. Understanding that we are connected changes how we communicate, make decisions together and the ownership that everybody feels of the project when everyone is respected and their experiences are considered.”


Outline your “Make-It Statements.”

These are action-oriented and showcase the values of your company. Lightspeed has six:

  • Make it happen
  • Make it human
  • Make it together
  • Make it about the customer
  • Make it data driven
  • Make it matter

“It’s about these values but it’s also about balance,” Dax explained. “You have to make sure that you aren’t over indexing on one and forgetting ultimately that the true value we are creating for customers, employees and shareholders will be from representing these values in everything we do.”


Think about what this pandemic is teaching you.

“With Covid, this period is a time where you can step back, reflect and reassess,” said Dax. “I think we will come out of this valuing facetime, real facetime. We will value our local businesses and retailers.”


Model your values.

“[Leaders] should hold ourselves to a high standard and model behaviour that we want to see across all companies,” said Dax. “One thing we want to make sure as leaders is that we are approachable… When you are a good leader people will feel comfortable coming to you with things that are not working, or things that we need to work on and learn from.”


Practice authentic expression.

“That takes time,” Dax admitted. “I love to tell people that I would never have been able to create Never Apart without 10 years of Lightspeed. And I would have never been able write the book without 15 years of Lightspeed and five years of Never Apart.

“I took religious studies, art history and computer science, but some of those life experiences took longer for me to express in my projects. So you plant seeds and water them and later on they become parts of your expression.”


Be a leader who creates leaders.

“Create seats at the table, share leadership and you have to listen,” Dax advised. “That is the top row to becoming a company with a high emotional quotient, an innate spirituality, an ability to have compassion and create a great environment for people.

“It’s super important to build in that way” he added, “or else you will have an intense amount of anxiety if you take everything on as your own burden. And that’s not scalable leadership.”


Celebrate the small wins.

“I always say there are 10 crises and two good things happening in a day, and you have to understand that this is the reality of being an entrepreneur,” Dax explained. “Yes, there will be big wins but you have to celebrate the smaller wins and not be discouraged by those 10 cuts. It’s a part of recognizing what entrepreneurship is. What life is. And build towards some of those bigger moments, but don’t let smaller moments of crisis tear you down.”


Be patient and focused.

“I think we have forgotten a little bit about patience in our day and age. It takes time to build things of value,” said Dax. For him, finding time for all his projects “is like different stages of patience and focusing on what you need to do in the moment.” His advice? “Find out where your time is most valued and where you are really needed and then show up for that.”


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