Bonus track from the C2 Montréal 2015 Minutes

After ruling the tennis court for years, Andre Agassi is now schooling the education sector by creating whole new answers to the problem of America’s underfunded, overburdened schools. At his talk, he spouted inspirational quotes like they were going out of style – which they’re so not. Wouldn’t you sport one of these buttons?


  1. You can’t assume that effective paths walked the day before will take you to the same place tomorrow. Don’t get complacent – every day deserves to be reinvented.
  2. Personalities are what bring the unpredictability factor to every business decision, but also every business success. When you find people you click with, go all in.
  3. Andre had that epiphany looking down at the crowd from his hotel room one day, after a loss. What if everyone out there took the necessary risks for betterment?
  4. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in a challenge that you no longer assess the value of the win to you today. Update your goals as you go along – they might be nothing like what they were.
  5. Achieving your wildest dreams is within reach for everyone, but it won’t come easy: harden up, face the challenges and do the work.
  6. Success comes with action, not words. Draw a map and move one step closer to your goals every single day of your life.


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