Arianna Huffington’s startup mentality

“Our model is a very startup -y model. It’s very frugal. We grow as the sections become profitable. I still have that startup mentality.” – Arianna Huffington at C2-MTL 2012


Arianna Huffington, the chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the The Huffington Post Media Group was featured in last week’s Leaderboard section of FORBES under their new category, Liquid Lunch, where it is revealed that she tries to start her mornings not with a cup of Joe, but with a cold pressed ginger fireball, a healthy drink made by New York’s juice press.

Huffington on the startup culture always on-the-go: “There’s this mythology around sleep deprivation and stress that it’s necessary for creativity and success…I think we need to burst this myth.” – Full article by Jeff Bercovici here.

*We also noticed that on her desk, sits a copy of John Mackey‘s recently published book, Conscious Capitalism. Don’t miss John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO of  Whole Foods at C2-MTL 2013.