Branding for social impact: A C2 Takeover featuring Facebook’s Maggie Fost

Presented by Facebook
What is your vision? What will your legacy be? How will you work to make this world a better place? The personal is professional, which is why our next C2 Takeover will explore brands and social impact.

Hosted by Maggie Fost, who leads the Creative Shop team at @facebook and @instagram Canada, this C2 Takeover is built on her learnings from collaborations with brands, nonprofits, agencies and studios that innovate on idea-building in a mobile-first world.

“2020 has illuminated our interconnectedness — with each other, within our communities and with businesses too, “ explains Maggie. “Businesses of all sizes have used creativity to connect with people, and technology has been central to many of those connections.”

With insights from @instagramforbusiness, this C2 Takeover will kick off with a mindfulness exercise before diving into fantastic impact marketing campaigns and real-life storytelling from brands that are committed to making a difference beyond the bottom line.

Learn principles for driving social impact, be inspired by best-in-class digital initiatives, and get specific about your impact in 2021 (and beyond).

Now is the perfect time of year to re-evaluate what comes next. Don’t miss our next #C2Takeover with Maggie Fost from @facebook and @instagram’s Creative Shop.


What is a C2 Takeover?

With each C2 Takeover, we grant Instagram posting privileges to select business leaders, experts and creatives in our community. Here to inspire, inform and entertain, invitees command our ’gram for a full calendar day with Q&As, special guests and more.


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