C2 CONVERSATIONS: Career path pointers from the Pivoter-In-Chief

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The Takeaways: "Leadership lessons for nonlinear times", A conversation with Anjali Sud, CEO, Vimeo
Anjali Sud acknowledges she’s had an interesting career trajectory.

“I kind of had a windy career path,” the Vimeo CEO says. “I went from being an investment banker to selling toys and diapers online at Amazon to marketing at Vimeo… but there’s been a common theme of constantly trying to learn to be a better leader and, once I felt like I had hit the learning curve or didn’t see myself being a leader, I left and went somewhere else.”

Opportunities for learning, impact and the culture of an organization were three signals she used to guide herself through different organizations and job descriptions. And she’s eventually learned that to be a great leader:

  • It helps to understand finance.
  • Go with your gut — a lot.
  • Look at those above your post and ask:
    Do I want their job?
    Is this career path a good match for my ambition?
  • Start with self-awareness. Know what motivates you and brings you energy. “If you don’t know that, then you’re not going to make the right career choices.”
  • Always try to frame career desires through the lens of what is best for the company. “Putting the entrepreneurial mindset on [and] talking about your career through the lens of what could help the business grow can be very effective as a mechanism.”
  • Look where others are not looking. “The reason I became CEO at Vimeo is because I championed the strategy that wasn’t the strategy.”
  • Do your research to find the right fit. Look up the career paths of other people at a company you want to work for. Use that as a signal to see if it’s a good culture for you.


Find your kernels of truth

“Literally, it was a Jerry Maguire moment where I rewrote the strategy and mission, and the day I became CEO [of Vimeo], I presented it. Everything else you need to figure out as a team, but a compass has to be there. You have to believe in it, be passionate and unwavering about it, and everyone needs to know that. For companies that are pivoting right now, you are reacting to the world, but find your kernels of truth:

→ this is why we do what we do

→ this is what has changed

→ but this is what we do.”


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