C2 Podcast: Communication tips from NASA’s Dr. Michelle Thaller

By Laura Beeston, podcast host 
Dr. Michelle Thaller

Dr. Michelle Thaller is an astronomer, research scientist and Deputy Director for Science Communication at NASA who, on Episode 7 of the C2 Podcast, says space inspires her to have sex with all the wrong people. (We think it’s best to let her explain, so go take a listen.)

A storyteller and a podcaster par excellence, Dr. Thaller’s distinctive, emotional explanation of space and its huge, deeply technical scientific narratives is what makes her a star. And she knows how to bring it back down to Earth – to us – since we are all stars, too.

In an interview with Dynamo MTL co-founder Alex Nemeroff, she sheds light on the mysteries of space and our oneness with the universe while also sharing tools to ensure your communication strategy is out of this world. (She’s part of the comms team that grew NASA’s following into the tens of millions on social media.)

Inviting us to tap into our own creativity and imagine the ways we might foster a more inclusive and intimate approach to communications work, Dr. Thaller encourages us to make space in our strategy for diversity, experimentation and play.

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Dig deeper

Watch Michelle’s interview in the Aquarium at C2 Montreal 2017.Dr. Thaller is (almost literally) a Renaissance woman: she regularly dons 30 lbs of garb and re-enacts Elizabethan dances. You can watch her on Nova’s The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers

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And here’s a “Maniac Lecture” that Michelle gave in March, 2017, that shows you why she’s a star storyteller.