Meet Canada’s women in weed

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Meet Canada’s women in weed

“Although it’s exciting to see the presence of women, and they are a formidable force to be reckoned with, by no means is it close to equal. The industry is still morosely male dominated.”

Lauren Yoshiko Terry has choice words about women in weed. The Oregon-based writer is part of a new wave of kick-ass women working hard to make sure this new industry doesn’t repeat “80 years of racist, sexist, nasty politics from the conventional corporate world.”

The number of women-operated brands showing up in this space are small but mighty. Their drive, Lauren thinks, is due to the fact that women feel liberated to finally do things their own way.

“Because it’s so new, women can get in on the ground floor in a way that we were not able to in every other industry… It’s not ruined yet,” she says. “It’s not horrible like every other industry. So we still have a fighting chance.

“We see there is room in that platform and we are charging for it.”


Industry femmes to know

A wave of indie publishers have cropped up as cannabis goes recreational and the inimitable Anja Charbonneau is among them. The creative director founded Broccoli magazine — a 100% women-made publication (that’s free!) for women who love cannabis — and it has since been featured in Vogue and on Broadly and Stack. Anja will soon be launching Broccoli Talk, a reddit-style message board for the community to connect and exchange ideas and inspiration.

North of the 49th parallel, we have #womenwhopodcast like Gill Pollard in our ears, and she’s also Editor-in-Chief of The Her(b) Life, a recently launched cannabis lifestyle magazine and blog for women in weed.

As for other Canadian women in weed, WikiLeaf drew up a list of the Top 10 Women Leading the Canadian Cannabis Industry. It includes Dragons’ Den celeb Arlene Dickinson, licensed producer Alison Gordon of 48 North, and the infamous princess of pot, Jodie Emery.

In the legal sphere, cannabis lawyer Trina Fraser is a Canadian woman to watch, as is Quadron Cannatech Corporation CEO Rosy Mondin, who is a longtime advocate for inclusive cannabis regulations and the Executive Director of Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada. Serial startup founder Renee Gagnon, meanwhile, is the CEO of Hollyweed North, which represents and manages risk for brands in the legal, compliant cannabis space. She was also the world’s first transgender CEO of a publicly traded marijuana company.

Finally, if you find yourself in Montreal and want to learn more about cannabis, head to Santé Cannabis, run by President and Co-Founder Erin Prosk, or Clinique La Croix Verte, directed by Shantal Arroyo.


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