How do we rethink and redesign our cities?

Our theme for the sixth edition of the C2 Montréal international business conference is Ecosystems. Throughout this new leg in our journey at the confluence of commerce and creativity, we will contemplate the complex networks and interconnected systems we are part of, and embark on an in-depth exploration of the trends and transformations that are having a growing impact on business and on our hyperconnected world. In particular, we will be diving into five intertwined networks of content: Talent, Marketing, EntertainmentCities and Moonshots.

Here are a few ideas and reading (and watching) suggestions to get the conversation started about Cities.

How do we rethink and redesign our cities?

Half of the world’s population now lives in cities, increasing the pressure on the infrastructure, housing and social fabric of these high-energy ecosystems. In some parts of the world, old cities evolve through a cycle of iteration, creating a mix of legacy and aspiration to be discovered at every corner. In other parts, new cities are built from the ground up, neatly engineered from the start. Smart cities, megacities, remote communities: big or small, these breathing ecosystems deal with humanity’s greatest challenges and opportunities – diversity, inclusivity, connectivity, mobility, security and sustainability.


Cities brings together the entirety of our 2017 themes: the city is where we live, where we create, where we are entertained, where talent is shaped and applied to build the future. From within the C2 village, we will explore cities as places of collision, but also as living organisms, exploring intertwined notions of architecture, transport, population and public squares (both literally and metaphorically).









If you’re in Montréal on November 29, 2016, attend Intersections Vol.1: City & Digital“How the digital revolution transforms our cities” at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

If you pass by New York City in the coming months, visit Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter, on exhibit at the MoMA through January 22, 2017.

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From the Minutes
Here are a few insights previous C2 speakers had about cities:

  • The city movement – Dr. Maxwell Anderson, Executive Director of New Cities Foundation & Erik Grab, VP Strategic Anticipation, Innovation and Sustainable Development, Michelin Group
  • Moving into a 3D web – Tasha McCauley, Director of Business Development at GeoSim Systems


These reflections will evolve in the next weeks and months. As we share them with you today, they are destined to take on a life of their own. What have we missed? How would you like this conversation to unfold? Who absolutely needs to be a part of it?

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