Ecosystems – Theme 2017

Announcing our 2017 theme

Next year, building on our 2016 theme, The Many, we will explore the evolution of the complex Ecosystems we live in. Joining us for this conversation next May 24–26 are gaming powerhouse Jade Raymond and the ultimate dreamer, Steve Wozniak.

Innovation is more and more dependent on a vast fusion of skills, beliefs and disciplines. The most creative solutions are often the result of the most extreme collisions of ideas and the ability to break down barriers between silos. Therefore, companies and communities need to manage ecosystems of collaborators that are highly complex and interdependent. Next year at C2 Montréal, we will delve in the increasingly blurred lines that define traditional industries, and the ever-evolving, intricate relationships that bind business, art, entertainment and communities.

Here are some of the questions we will be exploring:

  • How do you develop talent in ever-shifting business environments?
  • What’s the new role of the marketer in increasingly complex ecosystems?
  • How do we reinvent entertainment as the behaviour of the audience evolves?
  • How do we rethink and redesign cities as living organisms?
  • Where will the next “moonshot” come from? What’s the next leap for mankind?

As ever, we’ll be calling in thought leaders and game changers to help shake us up and spark our creative thinking.