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Why virtual reality is the next solution to build your brand

Desires and dreams, we all have them. Now, think of your wildest ones. Imagine if you could truly experience all that your mind can conceive. For example, imagine that you’re an astronaut, hurtling off the launchpad and into space at a staggering speed. What would spaceflight be like? What would it be like to walk on the surface of Mars? Sounds like a loony exercise, right? You’d be excused for thinking that this would never be a possibility within our lifetime. Well, think again. With the explosion of virtual reality (VR) content and the ever-growing market, these images can be made to happen right before your eyes.

But first things first, what exactly is virtual reality?

Consider it an intermission for the mind. VR is a computer-generated universe, experienced through special headsets, that elevates your senses to make you feel as though you’ve been physically transported into another dimension. This brilliant technology allows any concept to reach a whole new level of sensation, thrills and emotions. But why are companies rushing to get this high to their consumers? Engagement.

In an era where individuals are constantly bombarded with advertisements, slogans and promotions, what they’re seeking is authenticity as a means of connecting emotionally with brands. Through the art of storytelling and the stimulation of senses, VR has now become another explosive way to engage with consumers in a very intimate way. Once they get a taste of VR, they won’t want to take their headset off.

Thrilling options and powerful solutions

Whether you wish to test drive a new convertible along the scenic Californian coastline, or get a bird’s-eye view of an erupting volcano, the possibilities of VR are limitless. Which is why brands are seeking to create long lasting impressions in their consumer’s eyes with the help of this artificial digital world. Many options currently on the market are videos that have been shot using a VR camera to replicate 360-degree panoramas. But demands have now shifted to 100% computer-generated content since it allows significantly more room for creativity.

“We believe in having ultimate control over every detail – that’s why our VR projects are created using 3D modelling and rendering. Our solutions eliminate the need for impossible photoshoots or costly equipment,” states Maxime Vignola, Co-Founder of Edge Dimension. This Montreal-based 3D and VR studio has been pushing the boundaries of the industry thanks to their stunning visuals.

Immersive experiences create value

All the attention stems from 3D-generated, hyper-realistic images based on fully customizable ideas. Once built into a video game setting, this channel permits your clients to truly feel what it’s like to be immersed in that atmosphere. Thanks to turnkey creations, getting any innovative idea to your customers is as simple as downloading the experience at the click of a button. Users instantly sense a closer connection to the product, and feel more confident about their purchases.

The future of shopping is here with the help of different VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or the HTC Vive – all that’s left to do is press play. Next, sit back, relax, and watch your clients be amazed by this riveting romp through your brand’s story. Goosebumps guaranteed.

We’re proud of our partnership with EDGE Dimension and the exceptional VR content they’re showcasing onsite. Come and say hello to them in the Forum and experience their unique technology firsthand.