Giving the boot (camp) to the war on drugs

Given the long history between creativity and mind-altering substances, it might be easy to misinterpret C2-Montreal’s recently announced support for efforts by 2013 keynote speaker, Sir Richard Branson, to end the $1-trillion war on drugs.

C2-MTL’s contribution to Sir Branson’s work on this front stems from our desire to focus the awesome creative brainpower in our midst on challenging social as well as commercial concerns. It is in this spirit that C2-MTL, in association with partner Sid Lee and Sir Branson’s non-profit foundation, Virgin Unite, recently launched its collaborative crowdsourcing boot camp side project.

Announced March 4, the initiative challenges young creatives and entrepreneurs the world over to propose innovative ways to support Sir Branson’s efforts to promote health and education-focused alternatives the war on drugs. The first step in this four-phase, 80-day global challenge invites submissions through the Young Glory platform until the end of March.

The competition will culminate at the C2-MTL conference in May with a main-stage presentation of the winning concepts to Sir Branson himself on May 23, 2013.

Deepening the links between the boot camp and C2-MTL’s regular, creativity + commerce-focused programming is a recent blog post by Sir Branson that compares the war on drugs to a business in dire need of bold and creative re-imagining.

“In business, if one of our companies is failing, we take steps to identify and solve the problem,” Sir Branson writes. “What we don’t do is continue failing strategies that cost huge sums of money and exacerbate the problem.”


Posted by Stephen Smith, Writer at C2-MTL 2013