10 can’t-miss highlights of the new C2 Village

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10 can’t-miss highlights of the new C2 Village

The annually reimagined C2 Village is a one-of-a-kind playground where C2 Montréal participants go to explore, connect and kick ideas around.

In the months leading up to C2, dozens upon dozens of local and international designers, production peeps, artists, musicians, culinary wizards and other collaborators throw their considerable talents into creating a place designed to encourage discovery and spark conversations. And this year, it will be taken to another level.

Below are 10 highlights of the 2019 C2 Village.


1. Big new digs

C2 Montréal has a spacious new home this year: Grandé Studios, situated in the city’s southwest only a stone’s throw from downtown. The move to this bigger and brighter space is very much in line with C2’s penchant for reimagining historic, Industrial-Age architecture, as it is located on the grounds of the former Grand Trunk Railway yards, once home to Canada’s largest train repair shop. The new venue reflects the continued growth and evolution of C2, and provides a one-of-a-kind setting in which our participants can learn, collaborate, connect and get their creative juices flowing.


2. A Facebook Community Garden (and a pig with 85,000 followers)

The Community Garden by Facebook is a unique and playful part of the C2 Village, a relaxing outdoor space designed with the help of Toronto-based floral artist Lauren Wilson, populated by rescue animals from humane animal farm La Ferme du Domaine Quinchien and filled with tasty food offerings from Lufa Farm. Here, participants will be able to partake in some zootherapy, borrow a baby goat for a walk onsite, register for a goat yoga session and otherwise be inspired by the beauty of nature while connecting with one another. And if you’re a fan of Instagram travel influencers, get your camera ready because the one-and-only Christopher the Pig will be making an appearance as well.


3. BMW speed coaching: the road to greatness

New this year at C2 Montréal are 30-minute private coaching sessions, courtesy of BMW, designed to help participants accelerate their professional growth. Located in the Atrium, they’ll get behind the wheel of a BMW i8 with a professional coach and work on subjects such as creative process, creative leadership, entrepreneurship, developing future skills, change management and more. With sessions happening every 30 minutes all day every day (with the last session starting at 4:30 pm), our coaches will elicit your inner wisdom, provide clarity on your journey and help propel you towards your dream destination.


4. Book some book time — the library is back!

For the second year, C2 Montréal will have an onsite library showcasing books that complement this year’s programming, many written by our field-leading speakers and experts. Participants will again be able to explore our carefully curated list of literature and, like last year, the displayed books will not be for sale. Instead, each one will have a klik touchpoint that enables participants to save their favourite titles for later by “klik-ing” them with their C2 smart badge.


5. Food truck yumminess galore

There will be many ways for participants to sate their hunger and quench their thirst onsite during C2 Montréal, and some of the most delicious options will come from several of Montreal’s famous food trucks. There will be mouth-watering tacos from Mi Corazón, gooey poutines and mac’n’cheese from Greg’s Diner, an assortment of buffalo BBQ wings from Birdhouse Wingerie and Bar, a variety of tasty, traditional Swiss raclettes from Boîte à fromages, some succulent seafood options from Gaspésie and savoury pizza pies from the dough-slingers at Pizzéria No. 900.


6. Challenging (and enlightening) artistic installations

C2’s art installations are always a thought-provoking — and often eye-opening — experience. Among the several immersive installations this year is the evolving Connective Installation, powered by RBC, where participants in the corridors of the Agora will be invited to express their perceptions of tomorrow through interactive wordplay, linking evocative words of the future using coloured threads. Another is Cached, in the Lobby, which gives us a glimpse of how computers see us. Cached crunches the text of participants’ Facebook or Twitter posts, analyzing word choice, syntax and the complexity of sentences to generate a psychological profile of the user. Not to be missed.


7. Virtual realities courtesy of the Phi Centre

Make your way to the Loft, strap on a VR helmet and step into another world where you can take part in any of three unique experiences. In Chorus, participants will band together to battle evil in an epic 10-minute social VR journey, taking on the identify of fantastical female warriors. In Travelling While Black, they’ll spend 20 minutes immersed in the history of restricted movement faced by black Americans through a visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl, where patrons will share and reflect upon their experiences, highlighting the need to facilitate a dialogue about the challenges minority travellers still face today. Finally, in Space Explorers: Taking Flight, narrated by actress Brie Larson, participants will have 25 minutes to discover NASA’s latest advancements and plans for deep space exploration while also learning about the lives of astronauts as they navigate the trials and sacrifices required for their training and missions.


8. An Agora for all

Thanks to our expansive new venue, a redesigned and enlarged Agora space means that, for the first time, everyone will be able to gather and celebrate in the same place at the same time. When the entire space isn’t being used for a conference, it will be subdivided into four separate sections. One section will have access to live feeds of talks, while two others will host the Sync Lab and the Braindate Lounge (see below). A final section will be reserved for press conferences and private B2B networking activities organized by Export Québec.


9. The Braindate Lounge is ready for connecting

Created by the collaborative learning pros at e180, the Braindate platform is one of the most popular and effective tools you can use to make the most of your time at C2, and it all goes down in the comfy and relaxed environs of the Braindate Lounge. Even if you find it difficult to strike up a conversation with a stranger or simply dread the prospect of a conversation turning into a sales pitch, returning participants will tell you that you should absolutely sign up for braindates: one-on-one or group knowledge-sharing sessions, facilitated by professional matchmakers in the Braindate Lounge.


10. A unique boutique and book factory

It won’t all be all learning, connecting and collaborating — there will also be an opportunity to pick up some one-of-a-kind C2 swag as well. At Boutik MTL, located in the Plaza, participants will be able to buy a C2-branded cap, or blingify their outfit with some gorgeous, nature-inspired jewellery from the Agile collection by artist Catherine Nadeau. They’ll also have the opportunity to build a unique, personalized C2 notebook thanks to the Baltic Club’s Notebook Factory, located in a truck right next to Boutik MTL, where partakers can choose the cover, the paper inside and one of a variety of pen options for taking notes in style all day.


And much, much more

These are only 10 of our favourite elements in this year’s C2 Village. There are many others to be discovered, with plenty of hidden nooks and crannies for you to explore throughout the week. If you want to get a head start on your exploration, consider signing up  for one of the 30-minute guided tours of the site, happening every morning as of 9:45 am. Our team will be happy to show you everything you need to know so you can make the absolute most of your C2 experience.


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