How to convince your boss to send you to C2

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How to convince your boss to send you to C2

Neither you nor your organization can afford to miss C2 Montréal, and here’s why: your participation is a direct investment in both you and your company. It will help you expand your knowledge, connect with passionate peers, unlock new business opportunities and acquire new tools and processes that you can share with your workmates back at the office on Monday.

But if you want to attend, and you don’t already have a pass, you can help your boss get behind the idea using this handy email template.


SUBJECT LINE: C2 Montréal 2019: Why you need to send me

Hi [insert boss’s name],

I’m going to cut to the chase: I’d really like to go to C2 Montréal 2019. As you know, C2 brings more than 7,000 talented creatives, bold entrepreneurs, industry leaders and other forward-thinkers together for three days of connection, learning and collaboration in a festive environment unlike any other.

This year’s theme is TOMORROW, so it will address important topics and trends affecting our industry, such as AI integration, brand positioning, digital creativity, climate change challenges, new forms of storytelling, leadership, designing for society and so much more.

Some key items to consider:

  • There will be loads of content, including 90-plus top-tier speakers such as Spike Lee, Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Bozoma Saint John and Guy Laliberté, to name but a few
  • Also, a wide range of collaborative sessions, hands-on workshops with experts, deep-diving masterclasses and experiential Labs
  • It’s a unique opportunity to make genuine lasting connections (have you heard about Braindates?), and potentially greatly expand our network of partners and allies
  • The insights we get could vastly improve our organization’s ability to face industry changes and disruption down the line

In sum, I think attending C2 will give us a huge boost as we look ahead to tomorrow’s challenges. In fact, why don’t we both go?

Let me know what you think!

[Insert your name here]

P.S. I promise not to have too much fun   


Straight from the horse’s mouth

If you feel as if your higher-ups could use an extra nudge, consider sharing the inspirational case of Mira Katz, whose trip to C2 led her to accidentally meet an industry gatekeeper that helped turn her small startup into a hugely successful venture. Or you can point to the example of “Braindating champion” Sébastien Lauzière, a travel company sales director whose first C2 pass ended up helping him network his way to millions.

Finally, don’t forget that the earlier you get your pass the better — take advantage of the new spring rate and buy your pass now.


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