Impact marketing: Learnings from our #C2Takeover with Facebook and Instagram

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Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate what comes next. In our latest #C2Takeover with Facebook and Instagram Canada’s Maggie Fost, we dug into impact marketing principles and best practices.


5 principles for driving social good

#1 Serve a community

#2 Co-create with them

#3 Bring people along with interactivity

#4 Set a bold vision

#5 Make it actionable


Some takeaways from our conversation with Maggie about brands working on social good initiatives:


Come from a position of humility. Be realistic about what your brand’s role is, what your voice is and what you can affect.


Be aware of impact over intent. “That’s a lesson for all of us, in every aspect of life, but I think there’s a reality check that we need to regularly have as marketers about what we set out to do and what the actual impact will be,” said Maggie.


Measure what matters. “So much of cause-based marketing is just that: it’s just marketing. So we’ve been thinking about a more holistic way of measuring the success of an initiative.” Consider the overall impact: how it affects your business, how it affects people and how it affects the world.


Remember the conversation goes both ways. Social media is not a place for one-way storytelling. “Recognizing that this is going to be a two-way conversation is a really powerful way to bring people along on the journey. It’s also a point of exposure if you are not walking the talk,” said Maggie. “It’s a great reality check about getting one’s own house in order and making sure that what you’re saying aligns with what you’re practicing.”


Be in service, find authentic points of connection.

What do you stand for? What do customers love you for? And, most importantly, what do people want?

“Put on the humility hat and look at what people on the other side [of a campaign] are looking for, what their pain points are and what they need,” said Maggie.

Consider creating content that is either entertaining, useful or educational. Provide value — and think about the messages and types of content people want to consume.


Think about the moment. What cultural conversation is happening right now? Be in dialogue with that as much as you can in a way that makes sense with your brand.


Watch the C2 Takeover interview with Maggie Fost and Julia Cyboran.


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